Monday, June 23, 2008

Opening Cities List

In an earlier post, we asked where you would like to see FIREPROOF on Opening Weekend, September 26–28. Based on the initial list of cities where the film will be opening, it looks like most of you can start making your date-night plans!

As you can see, the list is for cities, not theaters. We won’t know exact theaters until September. But we do know that the film will be playing from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida; from San Diego, California to Manchester, New Hampshire; from Apple Valley, Minnesota to Nacogdoches, Texas … and lots of places in between!

If your town isn’t listed, don’t fret. You can start planning your Action Squad to bring it to your town. There will be an eBlast on Tuesday that will introduce you to the idea of an Action Squad. We hope it will spur you to pull together a team to bring the movie to your town. There are also Action Squads to help impact the communities where the movie is opening … be sure to look for the eBlast tomorrow (or register here if you don’t currently receive it).

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Blown Away"

The FIREPROOF team spent much of last week in Indianapolis, hosting screenings during the SBC Annual Meeting. Two screenings were held in the main convention hall, including one for people who arrived early for the pastors’ conference. A third screening, sponsored by LifeWay, was held at a local theater.

Nearly 8,000 leaders saw the film, and from all indications, they were quite moved. There was laughing, crying, more laughing, more crying, and lots of cheering at the end. But don’t take our word for it. Read what DeWayne Towe from New Life Christian Center in Danville, Illinois says:

“I laughed, cried, clapped, and sat on the edge of my seat throughout this movie. All of my expectations, built from the first post on your production blog to now, were highly exceeded! I knew from the trailer that it was going to be something very special, but I was blown away at the message, the production quality, the acting, and the WOW factor that I saw on the screen.

“I know that this is going to have a tremendous impact on lives all over this nation and the world. I have a wonderful marriage, but I even took things from the movie that I can apply to my marriage to make it better.”

In a little more than three months—September 26 to be exact—you will have the opportunity to bring people to the theater with you to experience FIREPROOF!

What are you most excited about?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Praying for FIREPROOF

Much of the FIREPROOF team is in Indianapolis this week for the SBC Annual Meeting. We have an upcoming post about the screenings that have been held there and the response to the film.

In the meantime, as we will do regularly between now and the September 26 opening of FIREPROOF in theaters across the country, we have specific ways you can be praying for this movie and its impact on marriages. Stephen Kendrick, the co-writer and producer of FIREPROOF, shares some ways you can be praying:
  • Pray for ministries and churches to effectively plan and utilize FIREPROOF to impact people for Christ.
  • Pray that churches will start marriage ministries that equip and build up marriages in addition to crisis control.
  • Pray that God mightily uses to equip individuals and churches, to strengthen marriages.
  • Pray for millions of marriages to be positively impacted as a result of FIREPROOF and The Love Dare.
Thanks for your commitment to helping FIREPROOF!