Monday, June 23, 2008

Opening Cities List

In an earlier post, we asked where you would like to see FIREPROOF on Opening Weekend, September 26–28. Based on the initial list of cities where the film will be opening, it looks like most of you can start making your date-night plans!

As you can see, the list is for cities, not theaters. We won’t know exact theaters until September. But we do know that the film will be playing from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida; from San Diego, California to Manchester, New Hampshire; from Apple Valley, Minnesota to Nacogdoches, Texas … and lots of places in between!

If your town isn’t listed, don’t fret. You can start planning your Action Squad to bring it to your town. There will be an eBlast on Tuesday that will introduce you to the idea of an Action Squad. We hope it will spur you to pull together a team to bring the movie to your town. There are also Action Squads to help impact the communities where the movie is opening … be sure to look for the eBlast tomorrow (or register here if you don’t currently receive it).


i_am_4given said...

Thanks for keeping us updated!! I will keep checking to see if Fireproof will open in our city.


shortstuffsam said...

When and Where will we be able to buy the movie?

Fireproof Blog said...

Sam ... you can find out more about Action Squads here:

Wise Reaction said...


Can you provide any details for Australian Release dates?


Tiffany Unruh said...

Thanks for the update. I too will keep checking to see if Fireproof will open in our city. There is a city already listed that is by far the closest, but with gas prices...well, you get the idea. If the movie doesn't open closer, though, I will make the effort to see it opening day in the closest city.

Thanks, and I can't wait for September to come. I'm a huge fan! :) God bless!

Allen said...

Awesome. I'm glad to see Philadelphia listed in the cities.

Ruthanne said...

Thank you for blessing the state of Alabama so generously with opening night locations.

We are grateful!

Love and prayers,
The Shepherds

Jillian Hardie said...

Is the movie going to come to Canada. My husband and I are the Directors of a NAME Center in the Yukon and would love to show the movie here. Even better if it could come to the Theatre here!

mcccarver2 said...

Stephen and Alex,
It thrills my heart to see the exceptional movies that you continue to make. My family has not gone to the theater since...well, since Facing the Giants. Going to the theater to see a movie used to be such a nice "date night" (even for us old-timers who have been married so long!), but unfortunately there is never anythng worth going to see. I can't wait for your newest movie to hit the theaters.

I work in a public school and I whole-heartedly endorse your movies and spread the word as much as possible. When your last movie came out, I got so excited. It was almost like one of my own children was producting the movie. I told everyone at work about you guys, your family, and my association with you all. The fact that I knew you guys personally gave my "movie review" even more credibility. Facing the Giants was wonderful because it gave me an additional resource to introduce the kids in my life to Jesus. Now, I can use this movie as an additional resource to introduce my peers (and their spouses) to Jesus!!

I am so proud of you both and I KNOW that God is proud of the work that you are doing to further His kingdom. AND...because I KNOW your hearts, I can say with complete confidence that you 'practice what you preach'. I pray God's continued blessings on this and all future projects. I KNOW He will bless your efforts, because I KNOW your hearts and I KNOW your hearts are for Jesus!! I also KNOW you are in the business of making Him known to anyone who will listen.

I will remember you all in my prayers and I will continue to spread the word about Fireproof.

To God Be The Glory!!!

In His Love,
Ann McCarver

Anonymous said...

The FP people better be ready for churches to want to use this a marriage retreat material.

I cant wait!

Brad Dyrness said...

We saw the screening - wow! Will the 40 day adventure be available?

RENO Nevada needs to be an opening city! PLEASE! We want to use this for a couples retreat in the Fall.

Jai said...

You did not ask me to do it, but I am THRILLED to market (my own way) this film!!! I am so excited about this project!!!! Congratulations to you!

I have emailed a ton of people and have asked my church to try and do something with this movie!

So many Christian marriages are falling apart around me and I am so tired of it and I asked God what can I do? This movie IS part of His answer to me!

Please continue to blog and keep us informed of what we can help you do!!!

Janice said...

Glad to see Cleveland is on the list.

Sheelie said...

I just arrived home from a preview screening in my home town, Modesto, CA and WOW! Way to let His light shine everyone! Keep up the good work. We will definately get the word out. I can't wait for my son & daughter to see the file, both recently married. We will be praying for the film.

The Idaho Vredenburg's said...

We need the movie to come to Pocatello, Idaho!

Bill said...

Greetings from Vermont: The Mission Field!

No surprise that the film is not scheduled to run here in Vermont.

What are the chances that a Burlington screen could become available? Do we know of any combined-church efforts going on yet in Vermont to bring it to town?

Thank you.