Friday, August 29, 2008

A Radio Hit

FIREPROOF opens in theaters in four weeks, and in the interim, radio stations all across the country are helping build awareness ... and interest.

K-Love, the national radio network, is offering the chance to see the official premiere of FIREPROOF in California on September 24. Talk about Red Carpet Event!

Another great partnership will remind people that true love comes from knowing a loving God. Thanks to the efforts of Need Him, Ron Hutchraft Ministries, and Moody Radio, a 60-second clip featuring FIREPROOF will be heard on more than 1,000 radio stations throughout September!

There are also dozens of radio station screenings of the film in the coming weeks. Family Life radio in Upstate New York is running a great double-date contest where winners will receive four tickets so that they can invite another couple to join them at the screening.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good News from the Plains ...

Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma is ready for FIREPROOF ... in a big way! The church has purchased show times for both Friday, September 26 and Saturday, September 27. The Friday showing is for local firefighters, police officers, and first responders. The Saturday show is for church members and their friends who don’t go to church.

Senior Pastor Todd Fisher talks about the Friday screening for the public servants in the Shawnee area:

“We sent each of them a letter inviting them to a nice dinner at our church on Friday night before they see the movie. We will also provide free childcare at the church. It was a ‘thank-you-for-all-you-do’ letter; no strings attached, just a gift. We want to let the movie do the teaching. Everyone who is married will relate to this movie because many of the issues are so real, and we’ve all dealt with some of them. This movie has it all.”

In addition to the movie, dinner, and childcare, the church is providing each couple with a gift bag that includes a Bible and The Love Dare. Then on Saturday, church members are encouraged to make an evening of it with their friends, grabbing dinner before or dessert after the movie with them.

“We pray that the movie will plant some seeds and cause people to ask, ‘What is the solution to my problem?’ Pastor Fisher says. “We hope that people struggling in their marriages will come to church to seek answers to the problems they’re having.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More from Cornelia, Ga.

In the eBlast that was sent today, we told you about the Underwoods who run Holcomb’s Office Supply & Christian Products in Cornelia, Georgia. (If you do not receive the eBlast, be sure to sign up for it.) They have purchased show times for both opening night and Saturday, September 27. They are also committed to helping get the word out about FIREPROOF in their community.

We continue with Marie’s story:

"We are going to be sending letters to the pastors in churches in our county introducing the movie and asking them to commit to see the movie with their spouse and one other couple in leadership from their church. We will offer them four free tickets if they respond to our letter. We will also give them a copy of The Love Dare. We are going to also reward those churches that participated with us in the “Operation Worship” (sending Bibles to the troops) with several extra sets of tickets.

“We will also be taking out an ad in our local paper advertising the movie and asking them to come in and register for free tickets we will give away that week of the movie. We are also involved or aware of several marriage enrichment small groups and will be offering free tickets to them.

“We are so excited about the movie and continue to pray daily for marriages to be changed because of this tool. We will also continue to seek God for further direction!”

One Month and Counting!

Exactly one month from today, FIREPROOF will open in more than 700 theaters nationwide!

Quick question: do you have your tickets for opening weekend, September 26-28? Quick follow-up question: how big of group are you going with?

Let us know ...

Friday, August 22, 2008


For your reading (and listening) pleasure this weekend, we submit to you a few stories, blog posts, and interviews that highlight FIREPROOF:
Tell us what you think after you’ve had chance to check these out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making an Impact

Pastor Kenneth Aycock, the minister of education and administration at Royal Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia, let us know about his church’s plans for FIREPROOF September 26-28.

“Our church purchased 650 tickets for the opening weekend of FIREPROOF, which is playing at the movie theater here in Newnan.”

As if that’s not cool enough, check out what they’ll be doing with all of those tickets:

“We are planning to give a ticket to every fireman and their spouse in Coweta County.”

Now that is cool. Be sure to let us know how your church, ministry, or business is planning to utilize FIREPROOF for impact in your community.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Can Rate FIREPROOF on Fandango

Now that the main theater circuits are selling tickets to see FIREPROOF when it opens on September 26, movie sites have added the movie to their review/rate lists.

For example, over at Fandango, you can write a review if you saw FIREPROOF at one of our pre-release screenings for ministry leaders. Or, if you are looking forward to opening weekend to see it, you can let people know that you “Can’t Wait” to see it.

Let us know if you get a chance to talk about FIREPROOF on Fandango. And you can point us to other movie site reviews as well.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trailer on GodTube

When we posted the theatrical trailer for FIREPROOF on the blog, someone had requested the GodTube version as well. One post led to another and the next thing you know ... we had forgotten all about doing it.

Please accept our apologies and enjoy the GodTube version of the FIREPROOF trailer!

American Family Radio and FIREPROOF

Wishing you could see the official world premiere of FIREPROOF? American Family Radio is giving someone that opportunity! Next week on air (August 25-29), AFR will be running the FIREPROOF Words of Love contest. Create a love poem about your spouse using the key FIREPROOF words that you will hear on air ... and you could be headed to Los Angeles for the premiere!

Be sure to listen to an AFR station near you. Or, you can listen to AFR online. And who knows? We may just see you in L.A.!FIREPROOF producer Stephen Kendrick (right) is interviewed on set in Albany, Georgia by J.J. Jasper (left) of American Family Radio.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kirk Cameron on Marriage

If you grew up a fan of Growing Pains, be sure to check out Kirk Cameron’s new autobiography, Still Growing. In a chapter about his wedding, Kirk, who plays Capt. Caleb Holt in FIREPROOF, talks about the commitment that he and wife Chelsea made to each other:

“Through reading the Bible, I was learning more and more about God’s design for marriage. According to divine design, marriage is a covenant, not a contract. A contract can be broken, but a covenant is forever. When marriage is just a contract, you will focus on your rights; when it is a covenant, you will focus on your responsibility. If you see marriage as a contract, you look for loopholes; when you realize it’s a covenant, you learn to stay committed for life. Contracts are written on paper and based on mistrust—which explains why you put it in writing. … A covenant, on the other hand, is a verbal promise based entirely on faith and commitment.”

Still Growing by Kirk Cameron, p. 157-158, © 2008 Kirk Cameron. Published by Regal Books, Ventura CA, 93003. Used by permission.
Kirk Cameron signs a copy of his autobiography for Ben McLeod, a Sherwood Pictures volunteer crew member, at a pre-release screening of FIREPROOF.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Theater ... then DVD

In the comments area (and at pre-release screenings), a lot of people have asked when will FIREPROOF be available on DVD. It’s a great question … and one we don’t even want to think about.

Our focus (and hopefully yours as well) is on the movie’s theatrical release on September 26. While we will obviously ask for your support when the movie is released on DVD, a strong showing at theaters is imperative. That’s how Hollywood judges a film’s success … and helps determine what types of movies will be made in the future.

Because of the success of Facing the Giants at the box office, FIREPROOF was able to have a bigger production budget … and we’ve been able to do more things to help get the word out.

All that to say, if you are excited about FIREPROOF, please show the movie industry that you will support movies like this when they’re in theaters. We hope we’ll see you there the weekend of September 26-28. (Here is the list of theaters.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paying it Forward

Be sure to watch your email today for the weekly FIREPROOF eBlast. (If you do not receive the eBlast, you can register here.) In the eBlast last week, we told you about a woman who is planning on purchasing FIREPROOF tickets for her friends. She wrote:

“I am going to purchase some tickets and give to people who are have troubled marriages; my only request for them is that if FIREPROOF touches them, I want them to purchase a ticket and give it to someone that they know that has a troubled marriage. My challenge is to others to do the same.”

That got us wondering: what creative ways are you considering using in helping get others to see FIREPROOF when it opens September 26? Post a comment and let us know!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Four Thousand and Counting!

We wanted to share a post from a great blog about FIREPROOF. But before we do, we just discovered (thanks to the amazing statistics of Googleworld), that through earlier today, there have been 4,171 blog postings about FIREPROOF.

That boggles a Bloggin’ noggin!

While the Blog recovers, take a look at the FIREPROOF thoughts of author Keri Wyatt Kent.

Trailer Now on Apple!

Just when you thought the theatrical trailer for FIREPROOF was as big as it could be … it just became bigger. That’s right, the trailer is now up on Apple’s movie trailer page!

Take a look and let us know what you think. And by the way, the trailer is now downloadable from Just click on download trailer!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

“Waiting” Continues ... to Make an Impact

In this week’s FIREPROOF eBlast, we shared John Waller’s thoughts about the movie. If you don’t know John Waller … well, you should! His debut album, The Blessing, includes a song called “While I’m Waiting.” This heartfelt cry plays an integral role in FIREPROOF. Here’s what John says about writing the song:

“Though it was written a couple of years before the movie, I believe ‘While I'm Waiting’ was given to me for the movie. I was on my 17th year of waiting for the Lord to fulfill a desire in my heart to have a platform for my music. It was painful and I asked the Lord to either fulfill it or kill it. I was sharing this frustration and aching in my heart with a friend. He suggested I write a song about it.

“I hung up the phone and started tinkering on my keyboard. I just sang the words that were in my heart: ‘I’m waiting, I’m waiting on you Lord and I am hopeful. …” I was done writing it 15 minutes later. It was maybe a month later I was signed to Provident Label Group thanks to Mark Hall and Mark Miller … well actually, thanks to a faithful God who is faithful and never late!

“Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kirk Cameron on GodTube

We recently shared a GodTube video of Alex and Stephen Kendrick talking about FIREPROOF. That interview was filmed last month at the International Christian Retail Show, as was the interview we are posting today.

In this interview, Kirk Cameron, who plays Capt. Caleb Holt, is joined by Kris Fuhr, vice president of Provident Films. Here we go ...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Many Theater Listings Now Available!

It is just 55 days until September 26, the day FIREPROOF opens in theaters nationwide. We have some exciting news to share with you: approximately half of the theaters where it will open have been booked!

Take a look to see where it is scheduled to play near you.

As is the way of the movie industry, more theaters will be booked in the weeks leading up to the release of FIREPROOF. Be sure to check the website regularly to see if another theater near you has been added.

If you are thinking about hosting an Action Squad, don't be discouraged if a theater near you is not listed yet. You can still move forward with your planning.

And let the Blog know what your Action Squad is doing to buy out show times or bring it to your town!

Theatrical Trailer Arrives!

Earlier this week, the theatrical trailer for FIREPROOF went live on the website. If you receive our weekly eBlasts, you already knew that.

If you do not receive the FIREPROOF eBlast, we have one question for you: Why not? All you need to do is register.

Please let us know what you think about the trailer ... and be sure to pass it along to your friends.