Monday, March 10, 2008

FIREPROOF Blog Returns! (And a Trailer too!)

If you were a fan of the FIREPROOF Production Blog (and who wasn’t?), we have great news: the Blog is back! We hope you missed the Blog as much as we missed you!

But as much as we’d like to celebrate our return, we have something even more valuable to share with you: the first FIREPROOF “teaser” trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure!

By now, you’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve been drawn to the edge of your seat. The Blog does it all. What’s that? … Oh, it was the trailer that did all of that. So now imagine what the movie will be like!

FIREPROOF opens this fall … and that’s why the Blog is back! We will keep you updated about the movie’s opening, take you behind-the-scenes, share lots of FIREPROOF inside info, bring along some great guest bloggers, and so much more!

Welcome back!

(If you'd prefer, you can see the trailer on GodTube.)


Suzanne said...

Man...that's like giving me one potato chip!! I'm looking forward to my next taste!

Thank you for shining His light in a very dark industry! I have followed your progress since discovering Flywheel in my local video store. Your efforts are appreciated and make an eternal difference in the lives of many. I'm praying for you all as this film is prepared this film for release in the Fall.

Shane "George" Lambert said...

I've been a Sherwood Pictures fan since I first saw Flywheel about three years ago. You guys have truly raised the bar for Christian films, and I can't wait to see Fireproof. Keep up what you're doing, because God is using you in a mighty way.

And yes, I've been missing the blog. Glad it's back.

Harrison said...

Just like you said, we laughed, we cried, and we were on the edge of our seats as my wife and I watched the trailer. (My wife said we'll need to stock up on tissues before we watch the whole movie; she only needed one for the trailer)

Simply amazing...

We're praying for you folks as you wrap up this project. You've blessed many souls and there are still more to reach! Thanks you all you do in using your God-given gifts to uplift, entertain, and spread the gospel.

Emmy said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for this next movie to come out! It's so nice to watch these movies and not have to be unsure if something is going to happen that is inappropriate!
Keep up His work!

VangyBlue said...

I thought the trailer to the movie was awsome. I saw it via I want to thank you for creating such an important and helpful movie that will touch the lives of married couples around the world, and those who are engaged too.

Second, I am overwhelmingly glad that Gary Smalley is associated with the movie. He is by far the best marriage counselor I have ever encountered and he is in the Christian field. His materials from "Love is a decision" was so helpful to me and I know his small group and indiviual materials and seminars will be of help to many who come to this movie and hear of his resources for married couples.

May God continue to bless your christian movies. Also, we are also glad to see Kirk Cameron in this one. May his association with the ministry continue to train people in the biblical gospel to rescue souls as fire fighters for the Lord with the Word of God so many will escape the flames of Hell.

Tammy said...

YAY for the blog being back. I enjoyed the production one. I'm so excited to see what God is going to do through this movie. God bless you Kendrick brothers! and Sherwood for reaching out to the lost world in such a creative and powerful way!

John-Clay said...

Horray!! The trailer is out and the blog is back too!!

I've been following this film like crazy ever since it got started and got to see a special Behind the Scenes at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy.

My whole family is SUPER excited to see this movie!

MelissaHulin said...

Can't wait to see this one! It looks blessed, just like the other two movies. Miss you guys!

butch said...

You guys just get better and better with each film. I can't wait to see this one as I'm a huge fan of Kirk Cameron as well, especially the work he is doing with Ray Comfort and the Way of the Master. May God bless you all in this tremendous work done to His Glory.

CitrusMom said...

I can not wait to see this movie! I loved "Facing the Giants" and after watching the trailer for Fireproof, I know it's going to be even better. Let me know when there will be a poster available to print online so I can post it at my office. Looks like Kirk Cameron does an amazing job on this movie... I can't wait!!