Thursday, March 27, 2008

His & Hers

Ever notice how men and women don’t always see (and deal with) the same situation in the same manner? Apparently, we are not alone in that observation! Just check out the His & Hers section of the FIREPROOF website.

There you’ll find a great scene from FIREPROOF that shows just how differently a man and a woman can look at the exact same situation. As Caleb talks with his friend Michael about his failing marriage, Catherine is commiserating about the same issue with her friends. While “He Said/She Said” provides you with a dose of the humor you’ll find throughout the movie, it also opens the door to the serious, real-life issues Caleb and Catherine are dealing with.
Another element on the website is a 10-question Couples Quiz that was created by Life Innovations. Answering the questions provides you with a quick snapshot of your relationship and it can be done on your own or simultaneously with your spouse.

The His & Hers section also has a great video from Mark Gungor, who leads the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage ministry. Be sure to let us know what you think of Mark’s take on men and women in his Tale of Two Brains clip.

We’ll be adding more to the His & Hers section later on. In addition, we’ll soon have an entire website ( dedicated to providing relationship resources and tools—for both men and women!

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Bill Martin's Personal Ramblings said...

Hey y'all!

Website looks great. Glad the blog is back. We mentioned the Warren Barfield connection on our show today and talked about how much we enjoyed being on-set during filming. We're very excited about recommending this film to our audience and seeing its impact on marriages.

Kudos to the Kendrick bros and all the cast and crew.

Bill, on behalf of Dave, Bill and Carmen, The Morning Cruise.