Thursday, July 31, 2008

More News is Great News

The Baptist Press has published a series of articles about FIREPROOF on its website. If you have some time, take a look at these stories (and others):
By the way, let us know how your church or business is helping getting the word out about FIREPROOF.


Michele said...

I am looking into an action squad. As Preschool Director at my church, I will be providing childcare for 2 nights, passing out flyers, etc... I also checked my local Firehouse Subs to see if we could put flyers there!

Ruthanne said...

I'm especially thankful for the Baptist Press "overview" article.

I have been wanting to take our whole family to see the movie on the 26th but have been hesitant since I read the issue of p*rn*gr*phy was going to be tackled in the movie.

I knew the Kendrick brothers would be sensitive to how it was presented, but I still wasn't sure specifically how the problem would be discussed or referred to. The article is no substitute for me viewing it myself as a parent, but definitely gave me more information. I really, really appreciate that.

Thank you!

We're continuing to pray for FIREPROOF and the folks of Sherwood Pictures!