Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Waiting at ICRS

After singing “While I’m Waiting” following a FIREPROOF screening at the International Christian Retail Show in Orlando on Monday night, John Waller joined some of the Sherwood Pictures gang for a photo.

Alex Kendrick, Kirk Cameron, Stephen Kendrick, Michael Catt, John Waller, Erin Bethea (left to right)


i_am_4given said...

Sounds like an awesome night!!!

I am counting the days until hubby and I can go see it!!


Sherri said...

This one sounds like a bigger hit than Facing The Giants and Flywheel! I am looking forward to seeing this movie! Agape, Sherri.

RichFam said...
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Linda said...

Please help! Will their be another previewing anywhere? I have friends whose marriage may not make it until September.

Fireproof Blog said...

Hey Michele,
Thanks for your comments. While we greatly appreciate your feedback, we were concerned that your comments gave away too many of the plot twists in the movie. Again, thanks for your insights ... glad you liked the film!

Anonymous said...

I'm highly looking forward to seeing this and referring our readers and couples to it. Praise to God for what appears to be an incredible Godly depiction of a huge problem in our culture today.

Thanks for your work!

Anthony said...

Looking forward to the movie! Thank you for making movies about REAL people and a REAL God. Hollywood can't come close to what you are doing.