Thursday, December 4, 2008

More New Theaters

Make that a lot more new theaters! In all, nearly 200 theaters will be showing FIREPROOF for the first time this weekend. That means it will be playing on about 500 theaters this coming week.

While we would normally list all of the new theaters, we decided that a mile-long posting might be a bit too much to read! Instead, let us encourage you to check out the theaters list on and find one closest to you.

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Amber said...

i encourage any one thats having trouble or not in there relationship to and see this wonderful movie ! my husbands getting the love dare for christmas along with a new wedding band made of the toughest steel around ! were going to start off 99 in gods word and live our marriage that way ! I cant wait hope every one goes to see this i cant wait until it comes out on dvd !