Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

O, Come let us adore Him!


Paige said...

Merry Christmas!

My husband bought me "The Love Dare" for Christmas, I am SO looking forward to going through it with him!

I'm also looking forward to the movie coming out on DVD...I'm really wanting to watch it again!

God Bless!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

When is fireproof gonna be released for us to buy?

Roy said...

We are all waiting to hear the name of the fourth movie!!!! Please post the name ASAP, and post about the filming just like you did so awesomely with Fireproof!!!!!
A EXTREME Fireproof Fan, that can’t wait till it comes on DVD 2 

Ben said...

Hi. When the DVD comes out, will there be Chinese subtitles available? I think it would be very useful to have Chinese subtitles.

Fireproof Blog said...

@Glenda: the DVD will be available at your favorite Christian store on January 27!

Fireproof Blog said...

@Ben: there will indeed be Chinese subtitles on the DVD. We'll include a list of the available languages on an upcoming post.

Ben said...

Cool...will all the DVDs have Chinese subtitles available or only some of them? Where should I purchase it from? CBD?