Thursday, March 5, 2009

Worth The Wait

We thought you might enjoy an interview with John Waller about his song “While I’m Waiting,” which is featured in FIREPROOF. The story appears on the website

In the story, John says:

“I am so humbled that ‘While I’m Waiting’ was not only used in its entirety in the film, but is also making a huge impact on people’s lives who resonate with its message of hope in the midst of a painful wait. We are waiting in expectation that there is hope for us. There are marriages that are in trouble and every day we are getting new testimonies about how the song is impacting lives.”

You can read the whole story here.


Mary said...

I watched Fireproof on March 2nd. On the 3rd I got a text that my Dad was in the hospital. I am over six hours away, and began to pray right away, asking others to pray also. I asked God if I should pack and be ready to leave, but He said wait. The song "While I'm Waiting" ran through my head all day, every day, for three days while I waited to hear that all was well with my Dad. That song ministered to me, helping me hold onto God's peace, during this stressful time. Thank you so much for using the song in Fireproof. God bless! Mary

Melanie said...

I had never heard "While I'm Waiting" until I watched Fireproof, but when I did hear it, it really ministered to my heart-- the words are so incredible, and really hit home on some things in my own life. I echo Mary, thank you so much for including that song in Fireproof.

P.S. Fireproof is one of my favorite movies now. :-)

martha said...

I watched Fireproof 3 times and every time I watched it there was something that told me that I needed to get right with GOD and try to save my marriage because me and my husband was having trouble getting along with each other. I was wanting to get up and there are children in the home and I'm glad I did not because of the kids and my husband. My husband done the same as the man done. Thank God he was on my and my husband side though it all. God Bless everyone