Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Listen Up!

What are you listening to on your computer right now? Well, the Blog would like to make a little suggestion that could perk up your ears!

Last week, the folks from Sherwood Pictures were on FamilyLife Today, the flagship radio program from FamilyLife ministries. It was a chance for Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick, and Kirk Cameron to share with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine a little about the story and the vision of FIREPROOF.

If you had a chance to hear the program, let us know what you thought about it in the comments section. If you didn’t hear it, you can now!

Just go here and click on your desired listening mode. You can even read the transcript if you’d prefer.

As the movie’s release gets closer, you can count on hearing more about FIREPROOF on FamilyLife Today. And the Blog will let you know next time before the shows air!

Happy listening … (and let us know what you think!)


Rakell J said...

I listened to the radio interview. I am now more excited then ever about Fireproof, the clip they played was awesome!! Great story, great acting...now we just need it to be August already. LOL

Tammy said...

Fantastik interview! Listening to you guys givesn me more insight to your heart for this movie and it's very exciting and a blessing to me and my family. I can't wait for September!

kharis said...

I heard the radio piece and I am SO excited about this movie coming out! When they played a sound bite from the film, I really choked up - this is an intense film! It's gonna be good!! May God be blessed!

Denise said...

WOW!!! I just listened to the radio interview! and the clip of the movie sounded GREAT!! It was so intense!!! It was sooo true to life for so many people in their marriages... This film I believe will help many many marriages!!! (mine being one I pray)
Thanks so much!! Once again I cannot wait to see this film!!