Friday, January 9, 2009

Telling Your Story

Before FIREPROOF opened in theaters last September, we added a page to where you could upload your stories about how the film impacted you.

For the next week, you will also have the opportunity to upload the audio version of your story in an mp3 file for the opportunity to share with radio listeners about how FIREPROOF or The Love Dare have made a difference in your marriage.

Radio networks and local stations around the country are hosting Fireproof My Marriage promotions between the DVD release date of January 27 and Valentine’s Day on February 14. Many of these stations are looking for personal accounts of the impact of the film on moviegoers.

If you can tell your story in 90 seconds or less, please be sure to upload it here. You may just find yourself on the radio talking about FIREPROOF!Link


P.S. Texas said...

My wife and I saw this movie last night in Daingerfield, TX. I was very impressed with the quality of this movie but more impressed with the message it gave everyone. This shold be a must see movie or Christians and non-christians.

Kirk Cameron keep up the good work.

P.S. Texas

C.W. said...

When our marriage started to fall apart, some dear friends at our church bought us tickets to see Fireproof. It helped save our marriage. God wants us to learn and then share what we've learned with others. We bought the movie event pack for our church and are hosting a Fireproof night and are also preparing to lead a Fireproof / Love Dare Lifegroup. We want to help other marriages now.


From a US Army soldiers wife--

I hadn't heard of "Fireproof". I was in a store in Columbus, Ga and met some cast members for the signing of the movie. I purchased the movie and watched it with my husband of 24 years. We were moved by the message so vividly displayed. I was especially moved by the scene when John explained to his son why the dare wasnt working for him and that he in essence needed to love GOD unconditionally first before he could show this type of unconditional love for his wife. It was just extremely emotional and even more it totally explained why just simply loving your partner is not enough. I have accepted the Love Dare to hopefully fill the gap in our relationship. I truly believe this is the missing link for us. It could not have been explained in other way with such clarity. I finally get it! Believe me when I say that i thought I truly loved god but now I know that my idea of love wasnt good enough...Its a greater love thats required. I have a son in Albany, GA who attended Albany State University. It has been financially difficult to see him through college. I plan to tell him about Sherwood Bapt Church in hopes that he too can receive the great msg that we have through viewing Fireproof. This movie is big screen material! It poetically delivered a true depiction of the requirement for greater love. To the cast: Thanks for your visit to columbus, GA. I might have missed out on this. My husband who was deployed to Iraq returned not quite the same and I too changed in his absence while trying to do all the things he use to do. Our marriage was given a bit of a jerk that I couldnt quite comprehend. I believe this will place us on track because I do love him unconditionally but now I must find this REAL love for GOD that will allow me to display my true love to my husband.

Now I can TRULY support the troops. We have to know how to love them when they return.

swlovesthelord said...

My husband I are very close but still after watching this movie it has truly had an influence on us. I hope and pray that it helps everyone that is willing or not willing to fix their marriage in some way!! My husband is a young preacher and I was out one day and I felt that I need to get him a book to read and as I went to BooksaMillion, I searched and searched for him something and I could not find what I thought he need. So I thought it was not meant to be and too I was thinking its just that I'm being selfish and wanted him to be a better preacher than God intended right now. So as I left BAM empty handed(which is very unusual), it felt like the Lord was leading me to the Lifeway store. When I was in there looking for a book I overheard the store worker and a man who was a preacher talking about this book Fireproof. As they left the area were the book was at I went over there and started looking at it. At that time I didn't know anything about the movie being in theater, until I heard the gentlemen talking about it. My husband is a volunteer Firefighter also so I thought he would like this too!! It sounds great! I brought it home to him and he started reading, taking it to work, every chance he could he was reading. After he got done with it, he said that it was the first book (besides the bible) he had ever read through. Which blessed my heart because I was still wondering if it was the Lord's will for me to even purchase it. So we pre order the movie and watch it together last night and I cannot express enough how it blessed my heart!!!! Thank you for making such a wonderful effect on this world today!! I hope and pray you can produce many more like this!!! Thank you and God Bless you and your family!!!!

gggonzalez said...

My husband joined the Army last February. Our marriage has been really rocky lately and I have no one to talk to. We are stationed in Fort Riley, KS. Our kids and each other is all we HAD...after watching this movie, I poured my heart out to God. I saw myself in Kirk Cameron's role...and I don't want to be that way anymore...My husband and I apologized to each other...and I can honestly say that this movie has saved our marriage...Thank you Lord and you all for filming this movie...i have recommend it to all my friend and family, not just to the one's who are married, but also to those who are single...I pray that it touches everyone who sees it like it touched me.
Please keep filming movies like this...maybe one about a fallen soldier and the loved one's he left behind. I've seen soldiers families fall apart after he or she is gone. I think they need some to be inspired by GOD!

monicabcervantes said...

Wow! I am still in tears. This was an awesome movie. I am going to the store to buy several copies. Go to the post office and mail these copies today. I am excited to pass this movie to family members.

I can not wait for my husband to come home to share this movie with him. If there is a movie like this for military spouse or families please let me know.

Forget about 2 thumbs up... you have 2 high fives! :)

fightingfiresadifferentway said...

My wife posted a blog she is swlovesthelord. She summed up what I do but I thought I would share my side. This movies is so great. Praise the Lord for it. It is the life of a fireman. You know there are many times being a fireman is hard on a marriage. You stay gone 24 hours or if your a volunteer you get paged out at 3 in the morning. There is sometimes you have a call pertaining a vehicle like yours or maybe a kid same age as yours. After your rush has calmed down inside of you, you thank God that it wasn't your family but you pray to God they are safe. This movie had three topics I want to share. One being that God should be the center of you marriage, the head of you marriage and you need to give God the credit for you marriage. The second being teamwork. The movie was talking about you don't leave your man alone. When you are married it is two united into one. A marriage will never work without God and without two of you trying. The last thing I would like to point out is boasting. Throughout the movie he is boastful about what he has accomplished, things he has done and etc. But twenty days into the test he becomes humble. He realizes he can't make it without God. The world is like that today. When they feel threatened, they want God. You see God can give us comfort but listen the Bible plainly states he doesn't want us lukewarm. He would rather have us cold and either way we won't find eternal life. After seeing this movie knowing that it is about God in your marriage why won't you accept him in your life. I am a preacher also and it is a blessing that everyone is blogging on here. You know my marriage wasn't to good when we first got together but she finally listens(just kidding). We let God into our lives and I was dealing with being called to preach. I have been for 2 years and a firefighter for 8 years. God Bless you and your family. God Bless the movie crew