Monday, April 7, 2008

Friends in the Know

Looking to friend a movie worth befriending? Well, now you can!

FIREPROOF is on Facebook and you can check it out by typing FIREPROOF on your Facebook search bar. You’ll then find the film’s profile and group—both of which are great ways to let your world know about FIREPROOF.

Speaking of being in the know about FIREPROOF , we are getting closer to having a release date for the movie. While that is still being worked on at levels much higher than where the Blog can be found, we do have this bit of info we can pass along:

FIREPROOF is currently scheduled to open this September in theatres across the country! That will be just shy of two years since the theatrical release of FACING THE GIANTS (whose Facebook group you can also join by searching for it).

Be sure to read the Blog, friend via Facebook, and—by all means—please register to for updates through our website to be the most in-the-know FIREPROOF person you know. Your friends will be sure to thank you!

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