Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GMA Festivities!

This is what’s known as GMA Music Week in Nashville as most of the Christian music industry comes together for festivities, meetings, and concerts that conclude with tonight’s Dove Awards.

FIREPROOF has been part of the happenings this week, with a large contingent from Sherwood Pictures and Provident Films involved in many of the activities. The group in Nashville has included Kirk Cameron (who plays Capt. Caleb Holt), Erin Bethea (Catherine Holt), executive producer Jim McBride, and co-writer and producer Stephen Kendrick.

From interviews with magazines and radio stations and networks, to hosting a lunch for media members and Christian retailers, to spending time with Provident Label Group’s musicians, it’s been a great opportunity for the FIREPROOF team to build awareness for the film’s fall release.

Last night, the folks from Sherwood and Provident hosted an impromptu screening of a rough cut of the movie for some of the Provident Music artists, including members of Third Day, Leeland, and Warren Barfield.

All in all, FIREPROOF was a celebration of marriage during a week that celebrates the marriage of faith and music.

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