Thursday, May 1, 2008

eBlast Off

An eBlast from Provident Films is scheduled to go out later today, so be sure to watch for it in your email box. Among the highlights: a link to a three-minute behind-the-scenes video that was shot on location in Albany during the filming of FIREPROOF.

If you don’t currently receive these regular updates from Provident Films, be sure to sign up. As always, we’d appreciate it if you shared the sign-up link with your friends as well!


i_am_4given said...

Thanks for the link to register!!

My husband and I were at the Couples Conference this past weekend and Gary Smalley highly recommended it. We are excited, and can't wait for it to come out in theaters!!

Paul said...

Family Friendly Gaming is interested in putting an advertisement for this movie in the next issue of our magazine. Trying to find some contact information, and a picture file for/from ya'll. Thanks in advance.

JesusRulzMe said...

Hey guys! LOVE IT! I'm so thankful for this movie and thankful to God for my answered prayers for another movie from ya'll!

I've already put the "teaser trailer" on my blog to let everyone know about it. Thanks for making the HTML code available so I can do that!

EVERYONE needs to do it too!

Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds want to know...Since this film has Kirk in it will this film also have the Gospel in it, Way of the Master style?

lauren said...

Hi there,

My name is Monique & I'm part of the PR team for Sherwood Pictures--creators of FACING THE GIANTS.
Thank you so much for supporting the movie on your blog! We wanted to keep you informed of their latest project--FIREPROOF.
It's due to hit theaters this September in theaters nationwide. You can go to to view the trailer, ready the synopsis, and sign up for updates to stay up to date with all of the FIREPROOF happenings! If you're interested in learning more or need any resource, pictures, and downloads for your blog please email me at and I will be happy to get you what you need.

Again, thanks for blogging!
Lovell-Fairchild Communications