Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Highly Recommended!

For the past month or so, Provident Films has been taking FIREPROOF on the road to show leaders of churches and ministries the new film from Sherwood Pictures. We have received incredible responses from Christian retailers, marriage ministries, denominations, and others that have seen the rough cut.

In the past few days, we had our first opportunity to show the final cut of FIREPROOF to regular moviegoers. Along with Sony, Provident hosted a pair of research screenings—one in St. Louis and one in Birmingham.

Research screenings not only give the studios an idea of how the film will play to audiences when it opens, it allows them to get feedback on elements such as the movie’s trailer and the poster. Moviegoers are invited to these screenings by firms that organize these types of pre-release showings.

The results of the FIREPROOF research screenings? Better than 90 percent of the people that saw the film gave it an excellent or very good rating. Better than 90 percent said they would definitely recommend the film to their friends. And, you guessed it, better than 90 percent said they’d tell people to see it on opening weekend!

Putting those numbers to words: astounding!


Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

Watching the film at last night's Sherwood screening was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe this film. Imagine the impact if you were watching that film and having struggles in your marriage. We will definitely see it again when it opens in September!

Jenny H. said...

I was at the Birmingham screening of it and I thought it was so good that I plan on being back opening weekend if at all possible. Good job!

Ndsteve said...

Would love to see the movie hop it comes too Connecticut. I loved Facing the Giants and cannot wait to see the new movie.


ndsteve said...

Would love to see the movie hope it comes too Connecticut. I loved Facing the Giants and cannot wait to see the new movie.