Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making an Impact

Pastor Kenneth Aycock, the minister of education and administration at Royal Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia, let us know about his church’s plans for FIREPROOF September 26-28.

“Our church purchased 650 tickets for the opening weekend of FIREPROOF, which is playing at the movie theater here in Newnan.”

As if that’s not cool enough, check out what they’ll be doing with all of those tickets:

“We are planning to give a ticket to every fireman and their spouse in Coweta County.”

Now that is cool. Be sure to let us know how your church, ministry, or business is planning to utilize FIREPROOF for impact in your community.

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Angie said...

At Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta, GA, we encouraged one local theater to move the opening night into a larger auditorium than they had planned for. Our Women's Ministry, in lieu of our fall event, purchased all 250 tickets for one showing and sold them in less than 2 hours. Now, we are encouraging those that still want tickets to go ahead and buy them online for opening weekend.