Thursday, August 14, 2008

Theater ... then DVD

In the comments area (and at pre-release screenings), a lot of people have asked when will FIREPROOF be available on DVD. It’s a great question … and one we don’t even want to think about.

Our focus (and hopefully yours as well) is on the movie’s theatrical release on September 26. While we will obviously ask for your support when the movie is released on DVD, a strong showing at theaters is imperative. That’s how Hollywood judges a film’s success … and helps determine what types of movies will be made in the future.

Because of the success of Facing the Giants at the box office, FIREPROOF was able to have a bigger production budget … and we’ve been able to do more things to help get the word out.

All that to say, if you are excited about FIREPROOF, please show the movie industry that you will support movies like this when they’re in theaters. We hope we’ll see you there the weekend of September 26-28. (Here is the list of theaters.)


i_am_4given said...

The closest theater is a bit of a distance away from us, but we plan going opening weekend, and buying it on DVD!!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! Although I am sure I will want to own this movie...I want choices at my local theater. If we don't support Christian movies, they won't be made. Thanks for making these movies!

Kyle Prohaska said...

Something that could help you out is I setup an Event on Facebook to go to the event and invited every friend I had. That would a very easy way for everyone who wants to support the film on Facebook to invite all their Facebook friends! I was able to send an invite to over 300 people. :D The link to the theaters site is on there as well as the synopsis and official site address.

For those who can't necessarily setup an Action Squad, this is a great way for them to make people they know aware of the films release date!

God Bless,
Kyle Prohaska

Reidster said...

attended a preview, and really liked the movie. I have recommended it to my congregation. But there is a problem. I am hesitant to jump all the way on board, because it is tied to "The Love Dare" which I as a Pastor have no way to review ahead of time. I am reluctant to say "Get this" when I've never read it. So to promote it is to put the cart before the horse. Is there any way we can get something downloadable so we can say: Yes - get this? You've put us at a bit of a disadvantage.

Little Montreal Girl said...

There are no theaters in Canada that will have it! And none in New York that are close to Quebec! None at all in Vermont. :(
I can't wait to see the movie!

For Such A Time As This said...

The movie looks excellent. If the quality and emotion is anything like "Facing The Giants" (which I watched probably 10 times) it will be huge. I haven't seen any tv ads for it, but will mention it to my pastor this week.

Do you have smaller widgets available? I'd like to put it on my blog but it may be too large.

Can't wait to see the film! See if Marcus Theater in Addison, Illinois will take it on. I think the Facebook and perhaps Myspace are a great suggestion.

God bless your work!,
Rhonda in Chicago

Ericka said...

I'm have a whole string of people I'm going to email and strongly encourage to go see it; I really want it to do well at the box office...I can hardly wait!

RebFusion said...

Is there any way to show the movie in Reno, NV theaters? Our pastor wants to take the entire church to see it but there aren't any theaters in Reno, NV showing it. I know the churches in town could fill the theater several times over. Any chance of adding Reno to the list?

Jen said...

If it's not playing at a theatre near you, check out the ACTION SQUAD option on the web site; it's an awesome way to bring the film to YOU!

Anonymous said...

Are you planning to release in Canada? I blogged a link to the trailer:

Fireproof Blog said...

@all ... thanks for you thoughts and feedback. Canadians, hang in there ... we are working diligently (and prayerfully) to get the movie released there theatrically.

As you saw when you viewed FIREPROOF, the movie's story stands alone. Yes, The Love Dare plays an important role in how Caleb views love, God, and his marriage. And yes, the Kendrick Brothers had the idea for a real version of The Love Dare as they wrote the movie. However, The Love Dare originally was scheduled to be released in 2009, long after FIREPROOF opens in theaters. Because of the incredible interest the book received at pre-release screenings, B&H Publishing moved up the book's printing to coincide with the release of the movie.

With both Alex and Stephen Kendrick serving as associate pastors at Sherwood Baptist Church (in addition to their roles with Sherwood Pictures) and with B&H Publishing's commitment to Christ-centered publications, we hope you will appreciate The Love Dare as much as you do FIREPROOF.