Friday, January 16, 2009


As we get within a week-and-a-half of the DVD release of FIREPROOF, we thought we would share the story that Clarke posted on the website:

I pre-bought the FIREPROOF DVD back in October during the first week it went on pre-sale at Family Christian Stores. I have seen this movie 10 times in the theater. Yes, 10 times! I love this movie! I got word through a co-worker that FIREPROOF was playing at the $2.50 movie theater now, here in my area. So I am going to see it again tomorrow night, for the 11th time! This movie will change your life forver! Thanks goes to the Kendrick brothers for making such an awesome and POWERFUL movie! Well done!

That, I believe, is a fan!


Jessica said...

Wow, it sure is! The Lord is doing amazing things with this film.
It's playing at the $2.50 theater here as well (hmm, maybe we live in the same town :-P ), and I'm planning to go again sometime soon.

Godserv said...

Wow, wow and wow!! I just saw this movie and I must say, it's one of the best love drama I've ever watched. This movie hit the nail on the head - 5 Star. The Word of God is proclaimed in a unique way and the marriage/divorce plot is uniquely presented. NO fowl language, no images to make you lust. When the movie ends you are fulfilled and you learn something that can have both temporary and an everlasting effect on your life and relationships. I highly recommend this movie. Please, please, go and see it especially if you are dating or married or will in the future. I also recommend it for those who are not Christians - obviously this movie is riddled with christian world views and it has the message of salvation clearly plotted out in it, therefore if you don't understand what a christian is and you want to learn more about it through this kind of medium - this is one of the best movies to learn from.

Michelle said...

What a great movie. My husband and I went to see it on the day it opened. I fell in love with the movie. Such a powerful message and great story. Since then we have purchased the event package.
We own a 60ft rebuilt Fire Truck
named Fire Up Freedom. It has everything on the truck including 4 Flat screens for showing FIREPROOF!
We are turning the Fire truck into an Outreach ministry. A Mobile movie theater! Serving right now the Phoenix Valley. We want to bring it to churchs to show the movie or just to the park to make an event. God has change our marriage and if we can be a way to help others we want to do it.