Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Read All About It

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about the Christian film industry, with a strong focus on FIREPROOF. This is how their story begins:

“Through a purely Hollywood lens, ‘Fireproof’ is the most unlikely film success since ‘Rocky.’ It was written by novice screenwriters, cast nearly entirely with amateurs, staffed largely by volunteers, and shot almost all on location. It wrapped for a total outlay of only $500,000. But that’s where God provides a different prism.”

Take a look at the entire story, then let us know what you think ... not only about the story, but also about what you look for in a movie.


Michelle said...

The absolute basic thing that we look for in a movie is that it does not take the Lord's name in vain, and that it does not glorify attitudes and actions that Christ died for...after that, its our preference that it build our faith or assist our walk in some way, but we will watch films that aren't aimed that way. Thank you for making movies that glorify the Lord and are entertaining. We really enjoy laughing, crying, and identifying with the struggles of the characters.

ashkatedesigns said...

My husband is wanting to know if the book The Love Dare was written by someone for their marriage - or if it was written just for the book and movie. I tried emailing Sherwood Baptist Church, but haven't heard back from them. If anyone knows - I'd love the answer!! Thanks!


The Stromers said...

It's really sweet to me to think of a movie like Fireproof written with the power of the Holy Spirit at work. Ca you imagine how sweet all of our things (Movies, books, music) would be if all directed by that same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, wow, look out! I hope the next movie is Foxhole. A movie about a man who has to go to war, and leave his family, but writes amazing letters for his kids and wife...starts with an F!!

Gregg Barrow said...

They don’t get it.
They are trying to comprehend its success with the natural mind.
On another list someone commented about the success that “Billy” did not enjoy and said “well, I guess Christians can only handle one movie a year”.
This was a nice article and I enjoyed watching them scratch their heads in print. But if they would look at the “special features” in “Fly Wheel” and “Facing the Giants”, I’m convinced that they would see the conviction, willingness to submit to Gods leading.....the very hearts of the people involved with their production.
The Special features (IMO) are just as blessed as the movies and are equally valuable as a witnessing tool.