Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview with Kirk

You may have seen or heard an interview with castmembers of FIREPROOF in the previous couple of days. The team was busy helping get the word out about the DVD release. Let us know if you saw or read an interview and where you caught it.

Kirk Cameron, who played Caleb Holt, was interviewed on the Moviefone website. Among the things he said was:

“I think the best part about the movie was just the responses from people after seeing it. It wasn’t just, ‘Hey that was cool, that was fun,’ or you know, ‘Good story.’ People were saying things like: ‘You don’t understand. That was exactly like watching my own marriage up on the big screen. That’s what's going on in my house.’ Or, you know: ‘We went out and got The Love Dare and my husband and I have canceled our divorce hearing. We’ ve been married for 30 years, and our marriage is finally getting back on track because of this movie.’ So marriages have been rescued from divorce because of the movie and the book The Love Dare. So that’s the best part.”

You can read the whole interview here.


Glenn said...


Brother my wife an I loved the movie. I got to tell you I laughed and cried the whole time. The actors on the movie
performed amaizingly. The anointing was heavy. This has been the beest movie that I have seen in a long time. I am buying the DVD's to give out as gifts to my family and friends. Many blessings and good work.


Jeffrey said...

What a awesome movie, without a doubt one of the most touching movies that I have ever seen. Thanks so much to the whole crew for creating a movie that hits America right where it is needed most, myself included. God has been doing a work in our marriage over the last two years and he is not done yet. I had tears streaming down my face most of the movie because of the truth that was being displayed, just like in my own marriage. Thanks Kirk, it is appreciated down here in San Antonio.

Penelope said...

I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie. It did not come out in any theaters remotely close to me (the closest theater was two hours away), despite the fact there are thousands of theaters here.

I am planning to netflix it!

Lisa Carter said...

My husband and I watched "Fireproof" tonight. As I reflect on the message, I recognize that your marriage doesn't have to get to that point before you use the "Love Dare" concepts. Using the concepts, the truths from God's word, prevents the complacency that can happen. My husband and I have a good marriage but i hope to make it even better. I am going to study him and become a scholar on my husband-Lavoy.

Anthony said...

Dear Kirk and others,

Last weekend, my wife and I watched Fireproof, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The lessons of love and Biblical teachings are very good, and the whole relationship between Caleb and Catherine is such a real story. My wife and I have a very good marriage, but still, we think it's great to be reminded of all those things that are so important in a marriage. It's great to see this come out for today's society, with so many people hurting and so many marriages breaking up. The movie is a great stab at Satan's plan of destroying God's plan of love and marriage. We are praying that this movie may be a great blessing to many. Some time ago I watched your episode of 'Hollywood be Thy Name' (Way of the Master); the whole take on infusing Christian content and good wholesome teachings into the film industry. This film comes as a great example of that argument. I hope that there will be many more to come. It's an incredible way of reaching thousands of people. What a way to share the gospel! God bless you all.

Jess Montegudo said...


I bought the DVD of Fireproof last week. I am an Associate Pastor of a large church in AL. My wife and I watched it Friday night and really enjoyed the movie. I truly admire your Christian stand in Hollywood, and appreciate the quality Christian movie you produced. I am currently looking into how we can share the movie with our church family. Keep up the good work.


Jim said...

Everyone seems to give the same comments about the movie but I gotta tell ya, as a guy, what I really appreciated. First, your acting was terrific very believable and the guy humor; very good. But most of all I appreciated that you put on some muscle. You looked older, stronger and like, somebody young guys everywhere could aspire to be. Nice job brother!!

sherry said...

The movie fireproof was very touching. I cried and laughed throughout the movie. My husband and I faced divorce in the past. I was the one who was giving up and wanted the divorce. He called the pastor at our church to talk to me and to ask me to meet him at church on Sunday to talk. I told the pastor that I wasn't sure if I would be there or not. We did end up talking and we did get back together and our marriage was saved. The pastor had tried to save our marriage on the day that he was celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife and family members and that was amazing. God doesn't want couples to get divorced due to addictions, lust, or the thought that there's no love left in the marriage. Keep up the good work and all the best to your family.