Thursday, January 29, 2009

South Africa Checking In

Stories. Since FIREPROOF opened in theaters last September, we have heard incredible stories from people all across the country whose lives and marriages have been impacted by this movie.

Now, with the DVD being available, we are starting to hear stories from all around the world. Stories like this one from Hanti:

“I’m from a small town, Balfour in South Africa, and my husband and I couldn’t wait for the DVD. After watching it, we decided that it will be great to go through the movie and study guide with our small group at church. Today at work, one of the ladies suddenly spoke to me about the bad state of her marriage (and I hadn’t even told her about the movie yet) and I immediately invited her to join us in our small group. Even my boss now asked where I got the movie from, and where he could buy The Love Dare. I believe that this movie is going to reach thousands of people in South Africa.”

If you have friends in a country outside of the United States, or if you yourself live elsewhere, you can find out more about the international release of FIREPROOF on the DVD website.


Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I bought a copy and watched it twice already. Watched it with my hubby last night and he too was teary eyed at the end. There are so many layers and symbolism throughout the movie. I really enjoyed it. I will be watching it again. I am also doing the Love Dare and have posted about the movie and book on my blog. I am from Brazil and I will make a point of getting a copy to my family there. I know they will enjoy it too. :) thanks for being obedient, for not compromising and for glorifying Jesus. Tereza

hayley said...

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find or how I could acquire a coupon code to purchase the love dare bundle.

Segololo said...

Another South African checking in...

I borrowed a dvd from a friend this weekend and was moved to tears the 5 times I watched this beatiful amazing movie!!! thank you for making a movie about what really matters.. God and family!

bobbi said...

My church showed this movie Saturday and I loved it. They also gave out the books and we are in Day 2 and already are making progress. Thank you so much