Saturday, February 28, 2009

Casting for Stories

One of the fun new elements added to when the DVD released were stories from the cast about their experiences in the aftermath of the movie playing in theaters and impacting lives.

We talked with Erin Bethea (Catherine), Ken Bevel (Michael), Harris Malcom (Dad), and Stephen Dervan (Wayne). You can read their thoughts here. We just added another story to the mix: Alex Kendrick!

Enjoy a preview of what the director and co-writer of FIREPROOF has to say:

“There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hear testimonies from viewers who have been changed by the story. Hearing how the Lord has transformed marriages never gets old! It still amazes me that God has impacted so many lives, but I am grateful that He allowed us to be a part of the journey.”


staci said...

what is the production co. that made fireproof, facing the giants,
and flywheel? what is their company name? thanx so much!!!

say-lud said...

i watched fireproof last night and it really blessed me. it confirmed what God has given to me in my walked with Him. although, i'm single but it inspires me in my love relationship with Christ. i believe that what happens in the natural has a parallel meaning in the spiritual world so that man can understand God better.

Continue to inspire people and lead by the help of God.

Soli deo Gloria!

Shawnalee said...

I just love this show. It has such a good message. Now If I could only get my boyfriend of 10 years to watch it. Or be touched by Jesus. At least I know that I can do this and try 40 days. I believe in Jesus Christ and by him all things are possible. I hope and pray in his name that this can happen for us too.