Friday, February 20, 2009

Why FP in 60?

A while back, we asked what is your favorite bonus feature on the FIREPROOF DVD. It is safe to say that FIREPROOF in 60 is your clearcut winner. If that is your favorite, know you are in good company. We asked director Alex Kendrick the same question and he was also a big fan of FPin60.

So we asked him how the idea came about:

“We always want to add something to our DVDs that the audience hasn’t seen before. Before we started shooting, I thought it would be hilarious to watch a short version of the film, with abbreviated dialog. Since it seems to have hit everyone’s funny bone, we might do it next time as well.”

As they say in the entertainment industry: Stay tuned ...


raspberrygirl said...

I LOVE Fireproof in 60!! It is hilarious and makes me laugh. Thanks for making such a great "mini" movie.

It cracks me up when Caleb says, "I see you left me no pizza." and Catherine says, "I want out."
Also where Catherine says to the doctor, "You helped my parents." and the doctor says, "Buy me lunch."

Oh, how funny those scenes are. And of course "Caleb." "Mr. Rudolph."

Great job, it is fun to watch.

Gwens.Mommi said...

I loved it too.... except I had to watch it twice to realize that some of the wording wasn't the same.. like when she walks in and he has a dinner made for them and she just says "I don't love you" and continues to walk.. I laughed so hard!!! Thanks for doing something different! :)

Rhonda in Chile said...

We loved it too!

Watsona said...

I did get to know about this movie until last week when I googled Kirk Cameron for his latest movie and found fireproof. Believe me, I have been watching Christian movies, but this one beats my imaginations and blessed so much.

I don't have time time to criticize movies as long as the message is very clear. This movie is a healing tool to many marriages that are "SICK".

Thanks for being a blessing to the body of Christ and the world.

Chelle said...

I loved the wedding scene. Do you take him, do you take her. Praise God let's eat. Very funny because you know how church people love to eat!!

Virtually Violin said...

I Love the "BED AND A CHAIR" part!

Pastor Matt Furse said...

Alex... God has blessed you with great humor... thanks for your the way, yours is the best line... "Praise God, let's eat!"