Friday, November 7, 2008

Letting People Know

As FIREPROOF begins Week No. 7 in theaters nationwide, we wanted to take a minute to say thank you to each and every one of you that has helped get the word out about this film. Think of the movies that have come and gone since the September 26 opening of this film—and it is safe to assume they all have had much larger advertising budgets than FIREPROOF!

A little encouragement about seeing this movie can go a long way. Here is a note we received from Pastor J. Mark Fox of Antioch Community Church in North Carolina sharing a remarkable story that began with a word about this movie:

“I write a weekly religion column for the Times-News of Burlington, N.C. This past Saturday I wrote a column entitled ‘Fireproof Your Marriage.’ I got a call on Monday from a woman who read my column and then went to see the movie with her husband. They were separated, neither are believers, and after they saw the movie she called me (I have never met her) and said, ‘We want to know Jesus. And we plan to work on our marriage. I want to know if I should move back in with my husband.’ She and her husband plan to come to the church I pastor, Antioch Community Church, this Sunday! Thank you so much for this wonderful movie. I know God is using it to restore broken marriages and to call His sheep to Himself. May God richly bless you!”


Glenda, saved by grace said...

Wow...Praise the Lord. He does use "all things" to call His sheep unto Himself

Steve said...

I am a career Battalion Chief with a Fire/EMS Department outside of Cleveland. In addition, I am married and have two children. Death and destruction surround us almost daily. The transition from the station back to home is sometimes a difficult one. It has taken me nearly seventeen years of marriage to figure out what the movie Fireproof has to offer in about two hours. Anyone who is married, or considering marriage needs to invest the time to see this is that powerful. I wish I could speak directly to the producers of this movie, as I would encourage them to continue with the story line. There are a multitude of directions they could take it. Afterall, any fire I have been on in twenty seven years has always gone out. It is the firestorms in peoples' lives that we need to be better equipped to respond to. Fireproof is that pathway. Psalm 91 - SDN

kmba77 said...

That is a wonderful story!! I have seen FIREPROOF once with some others from the church I attend and I absolutely loved it!! My husband and I are going through a's been a long, hard year, we were married 8 1/2 years when he left. This movie is our marriage on big screen, except we have two children and our marriage is ending. He has moved to another relationship, but I have asked him to go and see this movie because I continue to pray for him and hope that he can one day stay in a relationship with a solid foundation and be a wonderful father to our children!! I want to encourage anyone in a relationship, married, dating, or going through a divorce or seperation that marriage is a very strong covenant and God wants it to not be broken apart!! This movie explains in depth the meaning of marriage and what we need to be putting into it!! Seek God and give Him all worries and cares!! Build your relationship on His rock and He will be faithful to keep pulling you up!! Thanks and much prayers!!

KLSCOTT said...

That is beautiful story. My husband and I went to this movie last night and both of us wept all the way through it. We have been married 2 weeks, so we are in the throws of marital bliss, but the story is a reminder to continually work on marriage regardless of feelings. Lead your heart not just follow was such a great line. I will encourage everyone to go see this film.

Hearn Family said...

Three weeks ago our local theater "went out on a limb" to show Fireproof. (Many people had e-mailed them asking for them to PLEASE show it.) They agreed to show it "For only one week" and asked all of us who e-mailed it to please come (so that they wouldn't be sorry they brought it in).

I guess it did okay, because they showed it another week.

And yet another week.

And now I see, they are going to be showing it for a fourth week!

We've been praying for the movie's success and for God to move in the hearts of those seeing it!

We're grateful to God for the work He is doing!

Prayer warriors...keep praying!!!
I sort of got laughed at when I told my family I was going to be praying that Fireproof would come to our local theater...and it came...and is still here!

Yea, God!!!!!!!