Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Much For Which To Be Thankful

We are truly thankful to each of you that have taken the time to tell friends about FIREPROOF. Whether by email, phone call, over a cup of coffee, or in your blog (see below for some of the kudos from just this past week!), you have let people know about this film. From what we read on the Stories page, there are a lot of marriages that are in a different place this Thanksgiving than they were last year!

How refreshing it was to watch a movie with morals—a movie that stood for something—a movie that spoke about goodness, forgiveness and love.”

“We loved it. Absolutely recommend it, especially for anyone who is married or thinks they might someday get married. And if your marriage is on the rocks, you need to see it today, not tomorrow.”

I highly recommend this (movie) for anyone. It was so, so, so good. {Yes it deserves three ‘so’s’}.”

“My wife and I saw FIREPROOF this last weekend and found it to be simply outstanding.”

This movie is highly recommended to EVERYONE, married couples, singles, young, old, etc.”

“Overall this is an AWESOME movie. I give it a 4 out of 4 stars.”

“Make the effort, go see the movie!”

“If you are married, go see this with your spouse.”

I recommend the movie to anyone.”

Truly one of the best films we have seen in some time! MUST SEE!

“Ben and I saw the most wonderful movie last night!”


Amber said...

My husband Jason and I went to see the movie this weekend and it was awesome there was about 5 other couples in the theater besides us and you could just hear the tears fall from each of us that movie is great ! I cant wait for it to come out on dvd I am glad that we read the book before we went to see the movie and the book got to us the same way Iev posted a few things about the book on my blog already and I will be doing one for the movie soon We loved it ! And I agree this Thanksgiving my husband and I are going into the holidays with our eyes wide open to understanding and loving one another more and we are longing for that relationship with God to bless our marriage ! Wishing Every one a Wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season !

With So Much More To Be Thankful for and Our Eyes Wide Open !
God Bless

Eileen said...

I haven't been able to watch the movie but I purchased the book and all I can say is that it's amazing, I'm a single female and right now I am reading the book and I am seeing the issues that Caleb and Catherine are dealing with sometimes in my mom and dad's situation aswell as my sister and her husband's problem. I truly recommend everyone to purchase the book aswell as watch the movie I know that once the movie comes out on DVD I will purchase it!!!I also see these issues in a perspective of 2 friends having issues and letting God Lead them in the mist of the Problem!!! God Bless You all

Lauren said...

The movie is fabulous!! I cannot wait till it comes out on DVD, I want to own it! Also, I want to give it away to couples I know, it's so powerful in so many ways.

Thanks for using my comment from my blog too. I appreciate that :)

Andrea said...

I look forward to buying the DVD in January.. I enjoyed watching this movie and would watch it over and over again... You know, I hope the creators of this movie would add a part two, to see what happens next between Caleb and his wife.. Having Kirk Cameron as the lead, as before.. I am thankful that this movie came out for all of us to see...