Friday, November 14, 2008

Opening Today!

Week 8 begins today ... and yes, we can finally say FIREPROOF has played in all 50 states. It opens today in Warwick, Rhode Island! Here are the other new locations and theaters!

Clinton, Ark. (Gateway Cinema)
Moorpark, Cal. (Moorpark 3)
Poway, Cal. (Poway Creekside Plaza 10)
Weaverville, Cal. (Trinity)
Boulder, Colo. (Century 16)
Lamar, Colo. (Lamar Theatre)
Paonia, Colo. (New Paradise)
Miami, Fla. (Palace 18)
Zephyrhills, Fla. (Zephyrhills 10)
Carbondale, Ill. (University Place 8)
Centralia, Ill. (Centralia Plaza 5)
Sandwich, Ill. (WOW 7 Cinema)
Bedford, Ind. (Great Escape 7)
Corydon, Ind. (Cinema 4)
Franklin, Ind. (Canary Creek Cinemas)
Greenfield, Ind. (Legacy 6 Cinema)
Indianapolis, Ind. (Circle Center 9)
Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Highlands 10)
Rensselaer, Ind. (Fountain Stone 5) Atlantic, Iowa (Atlantic Theatre)
Cherokee, Iowa (American Theatre)
Estherville, Iowa (Grand Theatre)
Grinnell, Iowa (Grinnell Theatre)
Grundy Center, Iowa (Center Theatre)
Knoxville, Iowa (Village Theatre)
Newton, Iowa (Capitol II Theatres)
Sheldon, Iowa (Iowa)
Shenandoah, Iowa (Legacy 3)
Waterloo, Iowa (Crossroads 12)
Campbellsville, Ky. (Green River 6)
Eunice, La. (The Queen 2)
Springhill, La. (Spring)
Auburn, Maine (Auburn 10 Cinemas)
Thomaston, Maine (Flagship Cinemas 10—Rockland)
Waterville, Maine (Flagship Cinemas Waterville 8)
Glen Burnie, Md. (Marley Station 8)
Hastings, Mich. (Hastings 4)
Livonia, Mich. (Laurel Park 10)
Niles, Mich. (Wonderland Cinemas)
Baxter, Minn. (Movies 10 @ Westgate)
Foley, Minn. (Brickhouse Cinema 4)
International Falls, Minn. (Cine Twin Cinemas)
Morris, Minn. (Morris)
Wadena, Minn. (Cozy)
Hamilton, Mont. (Pharaohplex 4)
Murphy, N.C. (Henn Theatre)
Mitchell, Neb. (Nile)
Nebraska City, Neb. (Pioneer)
York, Neb. (Sun Theatre)
Minden, Nev. (Ironwood Stadium 8)
Concord, N.H. (Red River 3)
Clayton, N.M. (Luna)
Lowville, N.Y. (Town Hall)
Oneida, N.Y. (Movieplex Cinemas At Glenwood Plaza)
Oneonta, N.Y. (Oneonta Southside Mall Cinemas)
Oswego, N.Y. (Oswego Cinema 7)
Tupper Lake, N.Y. (State)
Norwalk, Ohio (Towne & Country Theatre)
Tiffin, Ohio (Tiffin Movies 8)
Wooster, Ohio (Movies 10—Wooster)
Baker City, Ore. (Eltrym Theatre)
Oregon City, Ore. (Hilltop 9 Cinema)
Roseburg, Ore. (Roseburg Cinema 7)
Sherwood, Ore. (Sherwood 10)
Altoona, Penn. (Carmike 8)
Mt. Lebanon, Penn. (Galleria Six)
Pleasant Hills, Penn. (Southland 9)
Warwick, R.I. (Showcase Cinemas Warwick 15)
Huron, S.D. (Huron Cinema 3)
Webster, S.D. (Webster Theatre)
Lafollette, Tenn. (Movies 2)
Cedar Park, Tex. (Cinemark Cedar Park 12)
Mineral Wells, Tex. (Brazos Cinema 3)
Plainview, Tex. (Town Centre Cinema 6)
Weslaco, Tex. (Movies 10)
Hurricane, Utah (Coral Cliff Cinema 8)
Provo, Utah (Wynnsong 12)
Gretna, Va. (Gretna Theatre)
Midlothian, Va. (Carmike 10—Midlothian/Richmond)
Staunton, Va. (Staunton Mall Cinema 6)
Virginia Beach, Va. (Pembroke Cinema 8)
Virginia Beach, Va. (Strawbridge Marketplace 12)
Fairlea, W. Va. (Seneca Showcase)
Bonneylake, Wash. (Tall Firs 10)
Port Orchard, Wash. (South Sound Cinema 10)
Poulsbo, Wash. (Poulsbo 10)
Vancouver, Wash. (Cinema 99-11)
Tomah, Wisc. (Ho-Chunk Cinema 6)


Tammy said...

I'm originally from Eunice, Louisiana! That is pretty funny as that has always been the only theater in town and the movies would always be at least 2 months old! So - this is progress to have a current movie showing there. :)

Bridgett said...

I live in Bedford so I am so excited to hear this! Thanks for listing the new openings!

DWJW said...

I'm so excited that Fireproof is in all 50 states! This was an awesome movie! I've seen it twice and I'm going to see it again next week!

goodnewseverybodycom said...

Wow, I just saw the movie this evening (Friday, November 14th of 2008). It was goooood that I had to write my reflections right away. I've heard so much about this movie through Christian media and my local church, so I had to re"search" on it. I was so touched by the trailer that I had to send this movie promo through all means of media (e.g. "word of mouth", flyers around town, and e-mail) before watching it this evening. If you are reading this, I highly recommend this movie to you. I thought it was more for couples, but this movie is for anybody-it teaches about perseverance ("not giving-up"), beware of "gossip", inner struggles (e.g. selfishness, pornography, etc...), forgiving those you "hurt" (e.g. rejection) and those who has "hurt" you (still love them still!). I've been a Christian for over 12+ years and still need to grow! There was a scene in the movie that had me reflect about the "Passion"! I don't want to give too much about the movie, but watch it and invite as many people you know to it!...

Andrea said...

I live Hialeah, Florida. I saw the movie Fireproof some time ago, and I enjoyed it watching it. I would see it again, and have bought the book. I plan to buy the DVD when it comes out in January. I, came out of the movie theater excited with a new appreciation for marriage. Though I have been divorced for 20 years and I am single, I would treat marriage with fresh new eyes.