Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Enough about what we’re saying … we checked out the blog-o-sphere and found some great thoughts about FIREPROOF. Check these out:

“What a great movie! I encourage everyone to see it. … Make this $10 investment in your marriage. It will pay off far greater benefits than a couple of lattes.” Bob Bouwer

“Encourage your friends to see Fireproof and pray that couples in troubled marriages will be inspired to keep trying. Real love isn’t for sissies.” Mary Ann Kreitze

“This movie will inspire you and touch your heart. … Go see this movie and tell anyone who’s married to see it too. Put this love story on your ‘I Do List’ this year!”
Rockin’ Ron Corino, Transparent Christian Magazine

“If you have not seen it yet, then I strongly encourage you to do so. I thought that it was very well done, and is realistic portrayal of a marriage and the gospel.” BibleDude.net

“It had a nice mix of action, funny moments, and happy tear-jerker moments. This movie can show you what being a loving, faithful, and dedicated spouse is all about.” Perfect Wedding Guide of New Mexico

Good stuff one and all ... thanks for all the kind words!

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Dan King said...

Thanks for sharing some of my review from BibleDude.net! I truly did LOVE the movie, and plan to try to find ways to use it and the study resources that I shared in my review for personal and small group study. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to spread the word! Thanks!

Dan King