Thursday, September 11, 2008

Check This Story Out ...

Sorry for the delay in new posts ... we have some exciting things going on at that we will let you know about a little later today. One thing is the addition of stories from you guys. Check this one out from Dr. Jack M. Jacob:

“It took some doing, but we finally have our local theater convinced of the power and impact of this movie. We purchased 1,000 tickets to help the booking agent see the opportunity to send it to our town of 20,000.

“We have an army of walkers that will distribute door hangers throughout the city. We have a few teams of car washers that will be washing cars (for free) and passing out information about the movie. We are helping with a family day in the park next to our church. We will have inflatables and sno-cones for the kids and information for their parents about the movie.

“We will have small groups geographically located throughout our area for couples to engage. We have also made arrangements to move our church services on Sunday, the 28th, to the movie theater. We will have praise and worship time and then view the film with an invitation for follow-up.

“Our local firefighters have all been invited and the local Fire Chief seems excited about the film. We will have church folks at the theater every night to man an exhibit booth for information about marriage ministry and The Love Dare book.

“Lots going on. We are hoping and praying for sell-out crowds each night and to have small groups that will lead in to a marriage retreat scheduled for November. We are thrilled about the possibilities! Go God!”


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pauline_e5 said...

Wow! What a wonderful outreach your church is being. I wish that all the country would see the same need and have as much fervor in this. I applaud your efforts and pray that this weekend will be a huge success!