Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Only Three Days!

Opening day Friday is coming quickly ... but not fast enough for some of us. We thought we would help ease the wait for everyone that is planning on seeing FIREPROOF on Opening Weekend by giving you a glimpse at a scene from the movie.

As they say in Hollywood ... and Albany: Action!


MoSigma said...

I am currently in a Master's Degree program. I never really considered "studying" my wife. But it really is a great idea!

Home School is back in session.

CitrusMom said...

Thanks for the scene. I am so anxious to watch this movie, I've been following it since February. My husband and I are going out to watch it this Friday. I've told all my family and friends about it and posted it on my blog. I handed out flyers at the Orangecrest location of the Harvest church here in Riverside for discount movie tickets and free childcare at my house for those who needed it so they can go out and watch the movie. I also posted a flyer at work about the movie. I've been speaking with a woman at Utra Star cinema for a few weeks and finally last week got her to agree to play the movie at the University location on opening weekend here in Riverside, CA. I'm so excited!

i_am_4given said...

Oh, you don't know how excited I am to go see Fireproof this weekend!!! It is not showing in our town, York, PA, so we are going to make a family day of it, and taking my two teenage sons, to see it in Gettysburg!! My husband and I have been telling everyone we meet about Fireproof!! I pray it has a phenomenal weekend!!

I will blog about it again, when I see it!!!


Raulstonmom said...

I have watched this movie already and I was amazed; I have recommended this movie to everyone I know. May God reward you abundantly for the work that you have done !! I can't wait to see it again.

Living 4 His Glory said...

Wow, I can't believe FIREPROOF is coming out tomorrow!!!!! Since December have I waited, and now the day has finally arrived! I have been telling everyone I know (and then some who I don't) telling them to go see it. I am so excited about seeing a movie in theaters that I can leave feeling truly sastisfied with my time spent there. May the Lord recieve all the glory!!!

Trevor said...

May we always be curious and desire to learn the ways of a the womens heart. And to give Love as God so loved the Church! Amen