Monday, September 8, 2008

Story Time

Through this blog and the weekly FIREPROOF eBlasts, we have shared with you some great stories about how groups all across the country are using the opening weekend of FIREPROOF to impact their communities.

While every one of those Action Squads will make a major impact in how the movie does on the all-important opening weekend, we need every person that is excited about this movie to do something to help make FIREPROOF the surprise hit on September 26-28.

In addition to the huge groups, we want to share stories of how individual people are getting their neighbors, small groups, co-workers, and other groups together to see the movie on opening weekend.

So ... tell us your story in the comments section. Thanks for all you are doing!


Brad Frguson said...

We live in a community with one theater that was not going to show the movie. I contacted the marketing person of Frank Theaters, the corporate owner and hey told me that if we could secure commitment for 1000 tickets, they would bring it. And as of today we have those commitments. We have 6-8 sponsoring churches and a few business sponsors. God is so good and I am excited to see how countless marriages in our community will be impacted by this movie.

Rev. Brad Ferguson
New Beginnings Community Church
Shallotte, NC

Fireproof Blog said...

That is incredible news! Thanks for all you're doing.

guinnf said...

Not really about the questioned posted, but I am a wife to a firefighter. Before I see this movie, I have a question... Are any firefigthers shown being hurt/burned in the movie? I really want to see it, but if so, I just can't handle that. Thanks, Kimberly

Seann said...

My wife and I saw this movie last night! It is a must see...I've been handing out flyers that I got from the free screening all day! This movie will change marriages, it's already making an impact in mine! God Bless!

Clif Cummings said...

Our church - FBC Duncan, Oklahoma partnered with FBC, Marlow Oklahoma to bring Fireproof to our local theatre. We are expecting close to 2,0000 on opening weekend. FBC - Duncan is providing free child care; giving away tickets to all Fire Department personnell and Police Department Personnell. I will meet with our promotion and publicity team tomorrow night to discuss hosting block parties and pre-game tailgate parties before our highschool football games to get the word out.

Vikki said...

never before have I cried watching a movie trailer, but we have been struggling so much lately with miscommunications turning into arguments. The crazy thing is, three yrs ago my husband was a full-blown drug addict and today he works for a Christian Ministry reaching our to other addicts trying to find recovery. Our lives are so much better today, with Christ, than they were three years ago. And yet we have this new pain, this new struggle, of just being able to get along. We will never give up. We did not get through 12 yrs of addiction and misery to give up now.

I am so relieved and excited that people are talking about this and that this kind of movie will be playing in public theatres. I will be contacting theatre managers here and the Pastors of the big churches. We go to a really small church, but we'll do our best to spread the word!

Ericka said...'s very small, but my parents are taking some good friends from church. Then their kids are going to go see it with me and brother and sister. I've been telling other people, and I've been writing emails to my friends and other people I think will be interested. I also have some money saved, so I can take three people with me or give two tickets away (I already have one friend who wants to come with me to see it). In addition, I did a post about Fireproof on my blog. Those are not big things, but I hope they make a difference.



smille923 said...

Just from watching the previews, I can't wait to watch it. I am so excited that finally there is a movie that is looking at marriage in such a positive way, and having such a GREAT role model Kurt Cameron is!

AngieHam said...

Our church is getting together on opening night to go see Fireproof together! My husband & I saw a preview of it Last night & it is an awesome movie & makes a great impact!

Angie Hammonds
Masters Worship Center
Martinez, Ga.