Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Love Dare

A story about The Love Dare ran earlier this week on The Christian Post website. John Thompson of B&H Publishing Group is quoted as saying, “This is the fastest-selling book we’ve ever handled.”

Take a look at the story. And be sure to let us know if you have started going through The Love Dare.


Erin said...

We have the book, but we are going to start reading it after we see the movie.

What a gift you all have for sharing God's wonderful message though movies! Thank you!

God's Girl said...

Our married bible study group watched Fireproof last night and it was awesome!! The Spirit moved among all the believers there in a mighty way! Our movie theater in Las Vegas aka Sin City was packed. We heard AMEN, PRAISE YOU, cheers and finally a GRAND APPLAUSE!

michelle said...

This morning me and my husband hade a fight because I think he does not care how I feel. We went and got the movie Fireproof I did not read what it is about I just took it. i got home and started to watch it alone beacause my husband is working night shift so he is sleeping. This movie ment so mutch to me. I was in tears. my husband are going to watch it later. Thank You Lord for be with us in so manny ways. Thank You