Friday, September 5, 2008

FamilyLife Review

This month’s edition of The Family Room, the electronic magazine from FamilyLife, arrived in email boxes today. With stories to help strengthen marriages and families, the ezine is a welcome arrival each month.

The September issue has a review of FIREPROOF by Bob Lepine, the co-host of the FamilyLife Today radio show. In addition, Dennis Rainey, the President of FamilyLife, provides Nine Steps to Fireproof Your Marriage.

Here is a short excerpt from Bob’s review:

“Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the two brothers who produced and directed the movie, respectively, and who wrote the screenplay together, successfully capture the reality of a marriage that has moved to isolation. Their pastoral experience working with real life couples in marital distress enables them to bring authenticity to the screen.”

His one-line overview: FIREPROOF ultimately triumphs (just as Facing the Giants did) because it is a powerful story told well.”

Well said, Bob. You can read the entire review here. And if you don’t get the FamilyLife ezine, you can register for it now.


Michael & Amanda Hodge said...

I agree completely! At a recent pastor's screening of the movie I was blown away by the movie. We had not planned a Fireproof series, but are now starting one for Sunday nights. Thank you Fireproof team for putting together a top notch movie that is sure to impact marriages for some time! said...

Just want to say that we saw the movie at a sneak preview and we LOVED it! I wish I had the money to buy out a theater seating myself. What an awesome movie - everyone should see it!

sahbarr said...

Joe & I are so excited about this movie. We are going with a couples group from our friend's church. We feel our marriage is strong, but we seem to get into the routine of the day! We want a jolt before we celebrate our 25th Anniversary on March 19, 2009. We want all couples to see this fantastic movie. It is so sad to see how many marriages end up in divorce court. It is our prayer and hope that this will encourage others to stop and look at their own marriages and try hard to save them with the help from the Lord. We already purchased The Love Dare book so that we can begin our own personal 40 day journey to an even stronger marriage! Blessings to all who see this movie!