Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mentoring Matters

We heard from Dewey Wilson, the president of Marriage Mentors in Texas. Marriage Mentors is one of the scores of ministries with helpful tools and resources available on

“Two weeks ago we purchased 100 tickets for a Friday show time, as well as the complete 571-seat auditorium for the Saturday evening show time. Our intent is to introduce folks to FIREPROOF, along with the follow-up material, and introduce them to Marriage Mentors. As of this morning, we are completely out of tickets.
“We are excited about this weekend. We plan to continue doing what we can to help couples discover the real answer for their issues and how to live in a Christ-centered marriage.”

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Meredith said...

I just dropped off 32 tickets to our local fire station. To be honest I was a little nervous how they would the tickets would be received. I wasn't sure if they would be like, "Okay, thanks." Kind of like we get stuff all the time attitude. I was also wondering if another church had already donated tickets.
I have to say, I was just about brought to tears with how appreciative the three gentleman I spoke too were. It made me wish that I had gotten them all popcorn and drink vouchers as well as providing even more movie tickets. They were so grateful, very moved and even though they didn't know what the movie was about they were already trying to figure out when they could go. It was as if it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for them.
So, to those of you who think it is too late to do something- it isn’t and you will be glad you did.
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to hopefully reach them with the gospel.