Friday, September 12, 2008

Coming to a Theater Near You!

With just two weeks until FIREPROOF opens in nearly 800 theaters across the nation, billboards have begun popping up around the country. If you are in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, or Washington, D.C., be sure to keep your eyes peeled for FIREPROOF billboards!


Living 4 His Glory said...

I am sooo excited! I just watched FACING THE GIANTS with my family tonight, and I can't wait to see FIREPROOF in theaters!! Tomorrow I am going to announce the date, time, and place where FIREPROOF will be showing in our area to about 30 separate families in a support group that I go to, some of whom are just beginning to know the Lord and still some who do yet know Him. Keep up the good work for HIS awesome glory.

Anonymous said...

I watched Facing the Giants on DVD finding it one of the most inspiring movies I've seen. I hope to see Fireproof in theatre just for the added fun of seeing it when it's released with a big screen experience. I the movie coming to theatres in Canada? If it's not planned to be shown in theatres how can it be screened by churches or can you provide information on how to form an action group (as discussed in an earliers post).