Saturday, September 20, 2008

Focusing on FIREPROOF

Focus on the Family has been excited about the potential impact of FIREPROOF since Mitch Temple, the director of Marriage for the ministry, was on the movie set in Albany, Georgia last autumn.
On Monday and Tuesday, September 22-23, FIREPROOF will be highlighted on the ministry’s flagship radio show as Alex and Stephen Kendrick are interviewed by Dr. James Dobson. You can listen on your local Christian station or online.

You can also check out a partial transcript on CitizenLink from a recent interview with Alex and Kirk Cameron on Focus’ Boundless podcast. Kirk shares his excitement about the movie in that interview, saying:

“I think FIREPROOF is really going to point people in a new direction and give them practical steps on how to change the future of their marriage.”

In addition, Mitch has a great story about the movie on the Focus website. Be sure to check out the resources listed there, and if your marriage is in immediate trouble, check out the 911 section at The Focus hotline (1.800.A.Family) can be your marriage’s lifeline.

We’re excited about all that Focus is doing to connect people to FIREPROOF. So be sure to tune in to Focus on Family Monday and Tuesday. And let us know what you think of the shows.


fyrfytr4Christ said...

FIREPROOF on Dr.Phil this Friday the 26th of September!

Kirk Cameron, the Producers of FIREPROOF and John White of Firefighters for Christ will all be on the Dr.Phil show this Friday. Check local listings for air times.

ChromeLightning said...

I just watched your making of show on TBN. It was awesome and much needed. I added you to my blogs that I follow and I hope others do to. my blog is chromelightning/
hope you add me too.
I also spread you on myspace through my blog, bulletin and added you to my profile. Thank you so much for such selfless work. Bless you all.

CitrusMom said...

I watched the making of Fireproof on TBN last Sunday evening and it was great. I listened to you all on Focus on the Family. Glad that Kirk is okay... would've been devastated if something happened to him even though I don't know him. God bless you all and your families. Keep spreading the good news through your very excellent movies!