Friday, September 19, 2008

Churches Gearing Up

Just one week from the opening of FIREPROOF in more than 800 theaters across the nation, we are excited to hear about how individuals and churches are supporting this movie. In the eBlast that went out today, we talk about how a couple of churches are supporting the movie.

Here are a couple of more quick highlights:

Pastor Jerry McQuay encourages the people of Christian Life Center in suburban Chicago to take advantage of the movie, while Mike Hurt does the same for the people of Parkway Church in Victoria, Texas.

Feel free to post a comment here or at the Stories page on the website to let us know how your church is utilizing FIREPROOF.

And, we almost forgot ... there is also First Baptist in Bartlett, Tennessee, which talked about the movie from their pulpit last weekend. They even had one of the firefighters from the movie, Stephen Dervan, talk to their church. Of course, the fact that Stephen is their youth pastor helped them get connected with “Wayne!”


Doug Jamieson said...

If your church is looking for ways to involve the community, we found that Regal Cinema's Group Ticket sales to be very frustrating. No one there will return calls. Fortunately, there is a great way to get discount tickets directly from Regal using their website. Their Premier Super Saver voucher is only $7 (if you purchase at least 50 vouchers). The big advantage is that it is very flexible and is not tied to one specific show time. Unfortunately, the vouchers are also not tied to Fireproof either. You potentially will want to take steps to ensure that vouchers get traded for tickets to Fireproof, depending on how you distribute them.
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The Tebben Family Blog said...

I want to know if I should bring my kids to this movie? Something I read said there was talk of pornography and computers in the movie. My kids are 8 and 10.

Fireproof Blog said...

@Tebben Family:
We'll point you to the Dove Foundation review of the movie (a 5-Dove review, we might add!) and let you make the call:

mrmrsangeles said...

First Orlando Baptist also purchased 1,000 tickets for Fireproof. In service yesterday, Pastor Uth encouraged everyone to go see it. In fact, First Orlando has offered daycare for couple with children while they see it at the local theatre. Erin Bethea attended our service as well and she had the opportunity to share her experiences as an actress in this movie. Its great to see God's message being taught through movies. My husband and I are looking forward to see it.