Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Powerful Endorsement

On the home page of the newly revised FireprooftheMovie.com, we have a number of wonderful endorsement quotes from Christian leaders that have seen and been impacted by FIREPROOF. Today, we highlight a brand-new recommendation right here on the Blog.

Dr. Tony Evans, the senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas (and the host of the popular radio show The Alternative) has this to say about the movie:

FIREPROOF went beyond my expectations! It captures the real-life issues of marriage in a moving, emotional, and riveting way. It inspires you to put your faith in action and fight for your marriage. I encourage anyone who is married or even thinking about getting married to see this movie.”


Amanda Jo said...

Congratulations to Fireproof! Dr. Evans is a great preacher and man of God.

I am so excited about this movie!

Tiffany Unruh said...

This morning I heard the first Fireproof trailer on TV. I think it was on the Fox News Channel. I was walking out of my room and my mom had the TV on. I heard "Kirk Cameron" and stopped in the hallway to listen. It was the last 30 seconds of the Fireproof trailer! That made me really happy.

Next Friday, my family is going to go see Fireproof. We live in a small town and the closest theater that is showing Fireproof is an hour away, but we are so excited. A lot of my friends are also getting together to go see it next Friday.

We are praying for next Friday. May God bless this film!

Folu said...

Awesome. Just awesome. I wonder when we'll get to see it in France.

Dawn Newbern said...

We are so excited about this movie!! What a privelege is was to attend a screening. We've been spreading the word and praying for great results(rescued marriages). There are 2 couples very close to us whose marriages are very volatile. They are both anticipating this movie with great hopes of encouragement and change.

Thank you so much for blessing us with this great film!!!

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

I attended a special event viewing @ Dr. Evans' church last night and can I say WOW! WOW! WOW!

TO God be the glory! Great work gentleman. The plan now is to take some other couples and go see it again opening weekend!

Thank you for your hard work, it really paid off!

Reuben Vaughn said...

My wife and I saw Fireproof this afternoon and thank you for making such a wonderful film. My spirit was lifted during and after seeing this film. Wish there were more like it. May God bless you for doing this. Our society needs more films like this one to inspire us to follow Christ.
Reuben Vaughn