Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Lots of really great stuff to share with you ... which works great, because they are all about you sharing FIREPROOF with others!

First, we have great news about this coming weekend. After three consecutive finishes in the Top 10, FIREPROOF will actually be playing in more theaters than ever this weekend. It will be in 905 theaters, including exactly 100 that will have it for the first time. Thanks to you telling people and them telling others, a movie made by a church is flummoxing the movie industry!

Next, on, LAGirl posted a review of FIREPROOF that includes this great line: “You get laughs, you get cries and you leave entertained.”

Finally, it looks like some of you have been interviewing Kirk Cameron (aka Caleb Holt). has posted its unique brand of regular-people interviews with Kirk:

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Amy Jo said...

Great interview. Thanks for posting!