Friday, October 3, 2008

A Kiss of Intrigue

We just posted a new FAQ in the About section at Seems like a lot of people missed what Kirk Cameron had to say about the big kissing scene when he was doing media appearances before the opening of FIREPROOF.

As the FAQ answer says in part: Sherwood Pictures has upheld this standard in all their movies: actors and actresses should guard their own marriages while on screen the same way they would do in real life. ... Kirk also has long held to a principle that he would kiss no woman other than (his wife) Chelsea. He was able to honor his marriage while making a movie that inspires others to do the same.

You can find out more by reading this story or watching a segment featuring Kirk on NBC’s Today Show. Let us know what you think!


Harrison said...

My wife almost cried when she read about what Kirk Cameron did. As a husband who has made the same commitment myself -- although my opportunities at possibly kissing another woman are decidedly rarer than Kirk's -- I think it's totally awesome that the Cameron's think so highly of their marriage. Plus, they're a cute couple.

Dawn said...

I was so thrilled to see this interview with Kirk. I can't wait to show my husband. You see we saw the movie two nights ago here in Vancouver, WA. We absolutely loved it. I wanted to stand up and shout "Praise the LORD!!" through much of the movie. Last night, we went to our church home group, that my husband leads, and shared with all of them and encouraged them to go see this movie. What we didn't share was the one and only negative thought we each had and that was the "kiss". Knowing that Kirk is married, and they are both believers in Christ, we were kinda bummed that he kissed the actress who plays his wife. Well, thank you Kirk for standing up with integrity for your marriage and most of all for the Glory of God!! Thank you for using your God given talent for His Glory!! We were so blessed by this movie!! Thank you all for working so hard on this blessed project!! As we go through tough times in our own marriage, I am reminded by the Spirit, that I am not my own, and that I have been bought ..."with the precious blood of Christ." Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

In Christ Alone-


~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

You don't KNOW how happy I was to read this!!! Ü

I was watching that kiss and thinking... Oh wow... that sure looks real... hmmm... but didn't say anything out loud.

When I read this post I GUSHED TO MY HUSBAND!!! HE was kissing his WIFE!!!

Praise God... how great!! I'm so glad to hear this... isn't that silly?? It means a lot to me... thanks for bring that to our attention!! I'm sure glad you did.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I had told my husband about Chelsea replacing the actress in the movie for the kissing scene after I heard about it. I am so glad to hear that the rumor is true! Thanks Kirk for showing a great example to many men out there by living by God's standards! You glorify His name through your respect for your marriage.

The movie was AWESOME!!! The movie theatre we seen it in was PACKED!!! Me and my husband laughed alot, cried a few times, and thoroughly enjoyed it! And you have given us a new perspective to the way we speak to each other and act towards each other! Thanks! God bless you all, and may He keep blessing this film!

The Bowman Bunch said...

My daughter, who is at a Christian college in FL, told me about Kirk's commitment after I saw the movie last weekend. I was so pleased to hear that he kissed his wife and not the actress in the movie. I wanted to stand up and tell everyone in the theater that last night when we took some friends and went back to see it! What a great testimony for the Lord.

holly said...


My husband and I went to see Fireproof on the opening night and enjoyed it so much! We took friends to see it the next Friday night. We are planning to take another couple this Friday night. We have NEVER paid to see a movie at the theater more than once. Fireproof is excellent!

About the kiss, that was the only thing that dampened my excitement about the movie the first time I saw it. I tried to tell myself that it needed to end with a kiss, but I just felt let down that this great man of God would kiss someone other than his wife. My husband remembered that he had read that Kirk really kissed his own wife and shared that info. with me. My heart melted! Thank you for standing up for marriage faithfulness and commitment!

We are doing our part to encourage every couple we know to make a date and go see this movie.

Only the Lord can do what He has done with this movie! Thank you Lord!!! Thank you to all the cast and crew!!

God bless you,

Bob said...

I think that is so neat that Kirk would make that kind of a commitment to his wife and marriage. Thanks too, Kirk, for letting us know about that vow through your interview. What a testimony! You're an encouragement to those of us with "normal" lives to stand up to the kinds of temptations that we face in our lives. Thank you, Kendricks and Sherwood church body - I LOVE this movie!

Fun Memories said...

Wow, I am so grateful for people like Kirk Cameron who make a difference in Hollywood by standing on his Christian principles. I loved the movie. Kudos to all the volunteers. We stayed for all the credits and even the people who made meals and babysat, thanks! You made a difference for the kingdom of God.

Kelly said...

Beautiful and authentic. Praise God for his witness!

Megan said...

Ms. Dawn and Ms. Jennifer basically summed up my thoughts about what I would have thought, had I not known about this scene before going to see the movie. I would have felt the whole thing was a total loss. But as it was, I can't tell you how thankful, thrilled, and excited I was/am! Praise the Lord! that there are still people out there who truly want to honor Him, and who use what they have and the best of their abilities to see that happen! Thank you, Sherwood! Thank you, Mr. Cameron! All you wonderful people are in my continual prayers. May the LORD get the glory! May He bless you abundantly! And by the way, GREAT MOVIE!



jm said...

Thank you Kirk Cameron for being such a beautiful and wonderful man!!! You surely have a place in heaven! May God bless you and your wife, and family! and all those inspired by you to look for and seek only that which is TRUE, GOOD, and BEAUTIFUL and find GOD as you did!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!