Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick Media Updates

As FIREPROOF begins its third week in theaters across the nation, the media is still intrigued by the story of a church making a movie that is impacting the box office ... and more importantly, impacted marriages!

As of this moment, FIREPROOF is the lead story on the CNN entertainment home page. It links to this story. In addition Kirk Cameron, who plays Caleb Holt, will be featured on the weekend edition of the syndicated entertainment program Extra. Check your local listings to find the program.

And in a 3-star review for the Roanoke Times & World News, Jeff DeBell writes:

“At just over two hours, Fireproof is a bit long as movies go. But a credible story about building good marriages -- and healing sick ones -- should be worth at least that much of anyone’s time.”


HB said...

Next week the "Tales From the Kohlrabi Patch" column in the Brighton Argus/Livingston County Press (Michigan) will feature a review of "Fireproof." The writer sent me an advance copy of the article. It's a rural/suburban newspaper with a pretty decent circulation, and the column has quite a following locally. You should have your webmaster check it out and add it to your Media list. FYI The writer is a retired Pastor and 30+ veteran of the local volunteer fire department. He's also my Dad.

lori said...

i just took my 2 best divorced christian friends to see fire proof for their birthdays. we all 3 cried since i;m in kinda of marriage like that. for over 20 years we;ve been divorced once and seperated twice, but god keeps bringing us back together, since i to dont really believe in divorce. but i;m the one saved in this relatioship, but i know slowly God is working on my husband. So God bless kirk cameron and the others who put this movie together. lori from illinois