Monday, October 6, 2008

A Dozen Good Reasons to See FIREPROOF

We are delayed in sharing this, but our friends at recently let their customers know 12 reasons why they recommend FIREPROOF:
  1. We believe in the mission of the producers, who are trying to influence the culture positively from a Christian perspective through mainstream media.
  2. Fireproof reaffirms the sacred institution of marriage in a culture plagued by divorce.
  3. The movie strongly advocates faith, family, and Christian values.
  4. It dramatically displays the power of forgiveness.
  5. The film is a product of Sherwood Pictures, a media ministry that grew out of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, whose goal is to reach the world for Christ.
  6. Fireproof presents God as the source of unconditional love.
  7. You can take the same 40-day challenge as Caleb does in Fireproof with The Love Dare.
  8. The profits from Sherwood's last film, Facing the Giants, were used to build a sports complex to serve the needs of youth in Albany, Georgia, and to show them the love of Christ in community.
  9. No matter where your marriage is, you can relate to the real-life struggles portrayed in this film.
  10. Fireproof reminds us that no situation is too desperate for God to redeem—that with God, all things are possible.
  11. Filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick credit this film, and its focus on marriage, as being not just a good idea, but a God idea.
  12. Any movie that has in its credits a "prayer coordinator," you should see.
This is a great list ... which of these 12 factors jumps out at you as being the best reason?


Nicole said...

These are all very good and true reasons, though my favorite reason is the last one: "Any movie that has in its credits a "prayer coordinator," you should see."

CristyLynn said...

The 2 that stuck out to me were 1) the fact that profits from the previous movie weren't padding people's pockets bur that were put to use in the kingdom, and 2) the prayer coordinator!
Soli Deo Gloria!

Ruthanne said...

They're all great reasons, but I relate to the last one on a personal level, as the Lord has -- for some time now -- laid upon my heart a strong desire to intercede for godly filmmakers, their wives & children and their projects.

It's impossible to bathe God-fearing filmmakers and their God-honoring endeavors in "too much" prayer!

Thank you, Kendrick Brothers and Sherwood, for all you humbly do. Glory and honor to Jesus Christ alone!

~ Ruthanne in Alabama

Bradley Miller said...

My review of your fantastic movie on our church site:

Harry Moore said...

When I got to number 8, I thanked God that y'all are genuine! I really knew it all along, but like most things of faith, they can stand a little boost from time to time. Harry

Andrea said...

I believe number 2 - the fact that the movie reaffirms the sacred institution of marriage is my favorite but I have to admit number 12 runs a close second! Perhaps if Hollywood thought to have prayer coordinators for their movies, more quality films would be made and less trash would be unleashed!

Cori said...

I think that they are all valid reasons, with of course, the prayer coordinator being my favorite! How awesome would it be to work on a film where people actually prayed together? I worked on a tv series (before I was saved) and it was a horrible environment sometimes. I only wish that FireProof was playing in theaters in Canada.

International relations said...

Being a single, unmarried guy, I found many parts of the movie touching and desirable. I pray for that special someone everyday. As Caleb said, "Since I'm married to her, I think I have a head start." Well since I'm single I find the tell tale signs in the movie of what went wrong to aid me in the quest The lord has for me. Now is the building and educating time. I hear a lot of women complaining of their husbands and boyfriends. My question to the guys is... What are you doing as men to lead your heart to love. I just began the book The love Dare and I can't wait until the next day to see what The Lord reveals.

Quitting is not an option
Robert O'Gorman

Frank said...

Almost a year ago, I had financial troubles and big troubles with my very angry and depressed teenage son. My wife's answer was that she was tired of being poor and that our son should be given whatever he wants and any way he wants. Although I disagreed she actually bought him a car and gave him the keys, even though he did not even have a license. And of course, he had to have a Mercedes. When my wife left me and took our (then 15 yr old) son; she left me with our 14 year old daughter; My daughter refusing to go because she felt her mom was immoral/wrong to leave for her stated reasons. Her mom also said that I was a "Great Father and a Good Husband" but that she wanted a better life/better man. Not to mention that her mom often neglected and ignored her, favoring our son. Anyhow, I anonymously left two Fireproof tickets in her mailbox and she went to see the movie with her mom. I met them outside afterwards and the mother-in-law was visibly moved/shaken, however, my wife was cold and emotionless - just as she has been for awhile now. When I bought these tickets I prayed to Jesus and I told him that this was my last attempt to soften my wife's heart and to save my 25 year marriage and my family. And I meant it. It's completely in the Lord's hands now. It's been 3-weeks...and no change. I'll come back again to comment if I have good news. Your prayers for my family are welcomed.