Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Theater Reports In

Both in the Stories section of FireprooftheMovie.com and here on the Blog, you have the opportunity to read some amazing tales of lives and marriages being impacted by FIREPROOF. Well, we have a different kind of story for you today.

Jon Durkovic, the manager of The Grand Theatre in Fitzgerald, Georgia wrote to tell us about how the movie is being received in his theater:
“Thank you for including The Grand Theatre in the list of theaters opening FIREPROOF September 26. We are having a good run with it and our community is seeing some changes. One night, there was an impromptu prayer meeting in the auditorium after the show to deal with some of the issues a couple was having. They started out renewed last night as they left the theatre.

“We have had 1,210 people see the film so far. Not bad for a small community in rural South Georgia! It has had an impact already in our town and I know we are just seeing the beginning of renewal.

“I know there have been hundreds of reports from people on how this film has affected their lives. I had not read any from the theatre staff, though. I just wanted to say thanks again for including us.

“Congratulations to all for the success of the film, but mostly, thank you for the successes it is causing in our country.”

Thanks Jon!


Belle-ah said...

Loved the movie...loved the full theatre in our town...thanks for a wonderful, wonderful story.

Beth Garris said...

I've been a fan since Flywheel. Then Facing the Giants was a turning point in our marriage. I fell in love with the previews of Fireproof. My husband and I saw the movie on opening weekend and it warmed our hearts together. Knowing what fire we had been through in our own marriage we were able to encourage our friends to go see the movie. Praise God!

westclan07 said...

Our family went to see this movie and laughed and cried, cried, cried at scenes where it mirrored our family at one time. This movie gives us a fresh reminder of how to love our spouses and how we should love God!

Cindi said...

Loved it... My husband is a firefighter and we related very well in a good way to the movie. We were encouraged by family to see it, and some of our family paid to go see it twice it was so good.. Definately a heart moving movie...

Bobbi From Missouri said...

My husband and I went to see the movie opening weekend with relatives who had never heard of Flywheel or Facing the Giants. So, they weren't sure what we were so looking forward to seeing. But, when we walked out at the end of the movie, all four of us could have gone back in and watched it again. My husband is now teaching the material at our church on Sunday evenings (We just finished week two) and there are 21 couples attending. Several are not members of our church family, they just heard about it and wanted to come. Thank you for offering America something to watch that we are proud of. To Kirk Cameron and To Sherwood Baptist, may God richly bless and may we see many more.