Monday, October 13, 2008

Thursday Farewells

The theaters listed below will be bidding farewell to FIREPROOF before this weekend. (And be sure to check out the list of the more than 90 theaters that will be getting FIREPROOF for the first time this Friday, October 17.)

If you live in one of the towns listed below, you have until Thursday to see the movie. But take heart; that is still enough time to get a group together to see the movie that is changing how people look at marriage in the movies!

Tucson, Ariz. (Century El Con 20 Theatre)
Blytheville, Ark. (Malco Trio)
Lakewood, Cal. (Lakewood Center Stadium 16)
Long Beach, Cal. (Marketplace 6—Long Beach)
Manhattan Beach, Cal. (Manhattan Village 6)
Oceanside, Cal. (Oceanside 16)
Palmdale, Cal. (Cinemark 16)
San Diego, Cal. (Town Square All Stadium 14)
Santa Barbara, Cal. (Riviera)
Denver, Colo. (Colorado Center 9)
Littleton, Colo. (Bowles Crossing 12)
Wilmington, Del. (Brandywine Town Center 16)
Melbourne, Fla. (Oaks 10)
Miami, Fla. (The Falls 12)
Orlando, Fla. (Fashion Square 14)
Starke, Fla. (Florida Twin)
Fort Benning, Ga. (Wynnsong 10)
Cairo, Ga. (Zebulon Cinema)
Savannah, Ga. (Carmike 10)
Thomaston, Ga. (Ritz Theatre)
Chicago, Ill. (600 North Michigan Ave.)
Lake in the Hills, Ill. (Lake in the Hills 12)
New Lenox, Ill. (Showplace 14)
Batesville, Ind. (Gibson Theatre)
Merrillville, Ind. (Showplace 12—Hobart)
Wabash, Ind. (Syn Eagles Theatre)
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa (Temple Theatre)
Murray, Ky. (Cheri)
Houma, La. (Palace Theatre 10)
Framingham, Mass. (Framingham 15)
Hunt Valley, Md. (Hunt Valley Cinemas 12)
La Vale, Md. (Country Club 6)
Westminster, Md. (Westminster 9)
Dickinson, N.D. (Cinema Three)
Farmingdale, N.Y. (Farmingdale Stadium 10)
Garden City, N.Y. (Roosevelt Field 8)
New York, N.Y. (Empire 25 Theaters)
West Nyack, N.Y. (Loews Palisades Center 21)
Yonkers, N.Y. (Central Plaza 4)
Columbus, Ohio (Lennox 24)
St. Clairsville, Ohio (Ohio Valley Mall 9)
Toledo, Ohio (Franklin Park 15)
Zanesville, Ohio (Cinemark 12)
Norman, Okla. (Spotlight 14)
Beaverton, Ore. (Century 16 - Cedar Hills Crossing)
King of Prussia, Penn. (King of Prussia 15 & Imax)
McCandless, Penn. (Showcase Pittsburgh North)
Moosic, Penn. (Cinemark 20—Moosic)
Scranton, Penn. (Steamtown Mall)
Wilkes-Barre, Penn. (Wilkes-Barre Movies 14)
Oneida, Tenn. (Cinema 3 Theatre)
Copperas Cove, Tex. (Cove Theatre)
Del Rio, Tex. (Movies 8)
Graham, Tex. (National Theater 2)
San Antonio, Tex. (Santikos Embassy 14)
Alexandria, Va. (AMC Hoffman Center 22)
Federal Way, Wash. (Century Sea Tac Mall 16)
Olympia, Wash. (Century Capitol Mall 14)


Jeff said...

I thought the movie would be boring, but I was wrong; it was fantastic! A couple that I know personally cried throughout the entire movie, because they have gone through similar things, and they are now using the book that was shown in the movie. Also, one of the hosts on the Christian radio station I listen to said this morning that her friend (who she didn't even realize was married!) heard of the movie on the radio program, saw the preview, and then saw the movie. Unknown to her, her husband, who had been apart from her for 3 years and was living in a different city, also saw the movie. Because of the movie, their marriage was brought back together after 3 years of being apart (separated or divorced, I'm not sure), and they are now using the book that was shown in the movie!

Jeff said...

Oh, I forgot to mention. Concerning that couple that got together after 3 years of being apart, as a result of watching "Fireproof"...the husband is a fireman!

Lauren said...

Just wanted to say that this is hands down the best movie I've ever seen! What a fabulous job you guys did! I can't wait to see more movies put out.

robbob said...

I just had to share my story... after seeing the movie. It was hard for me because I was Caleb. I'm not a firefighter, but almost everything else was me. My wife and I have reconnected over the last 3 months and it's been a firewalk. It hasn't been easy and I've been walking my own type of Love Dare as well.
Then the other morning, 10/13, a day we were signed up for prayer and fasting for our church and the upcoming elections, we were rudely awakened @ 4:30 by our smoke detectors going off. I quickly jumped up and assessed the whole house, upon reaching the basement, the ceiling was obscured by thick smoke. I found an electrical appliance on fire and ran upstairs for the fire extinguisher and came back promptly and put it out. It was about 2 minutes from spreading into the wood surrounding it.
Praise God, and now I have shown my wife that I will always protect her... and I'm even more like the character Caleb. She was very impressed and felt very safe with me around. We're going to see it again... even though it's painful to see exactly what I once was, it's so uplifting to know that this story is so true and is happening all over the country each and every day.
And by the way, the day 10/13, we were led 1st thing in the morning to Joshua 10:13... it's the scripture of the day God stopped the sun for a day... I guess our day was extended so we'd have more time to fast and pray for our country. Please vote Life!