Saturday, October 4, 2008

More “Waiting”

John Waller’s song, “While I’m Waiting” plays a central role in FIREPROOF. This wonderful song fits perfectly with the heart of the movie and, as you watch it again below, you see that it also fits perfectly with the story of the film.

John recently posted his thoughts about the “marriage” of his song and the movie on his website:

Along with millions of others, I am truly amazed how God is using Fireproof to heal and strengthen marriages, and also to 'shame the wise" in Hollywood with mind-boggling results at the box office during opening weekend. I am so humbled that "While I'm Waiting" was not only used in its entirety in the film, but is also making a huge impact on people's lives who resonate with its message of hope in the midst of a painful wait. Please encourage as many as possible to go see this wonderful movie and may this song bless and encourage you!

As with the other songs in the movie, “While I’m Waiting” is available as part of a special FIREPROOF iMix download on iTunes. It can also be purchased at your local Christian store as part of John’s album, The Blessing. You can also download the album or the single on iTunes.


David said...

This song is such a blessing. The music in this movie gives a way for you to remember the lesson taught in it. I think that waiting is the harder to deal with than God telling you yes or no. Waiting requires you to grow and learn the lessons God has for you. That is why this song fits so well into this movie and into everyday life. I personally think that all the songs chosen to be in Fireproof are phenomenal and very well chosen.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Let's see... oh yeah... I remember that song... that was where I was weeping! This is an amazing movie!! Thank you so much for putting this together. We were thrilled -- absolutely thrilled with the finished product. I'm still praying it will impact our marriage. I heard my dear husband telling his parents this morning THEY needed to see it -- it's not a young married movie... it can affect MANY marriages... young and old.

I praise God for you... thank you again!

You are right... that is a great song... and face down in prayer is a great way to listen to it!

Gina said...

I too was crying during this part! This movie was awesome. It was life changing. I saw it with my church and then brought my husband. It is so amazing how it touches you in ways you never thought it could. It give me hope! Thank you for this song and this was a true gift from GOD!

God bless!

Heather Paulsen said...

I love this song and put it on my blog last week, but this video wasn't put together and it's much better than the other one on youtube! I love, love this song!!

So often singles think they are the only one waiting, but this song shows how life is full of waiting on God, in all areas and for all reasons!


katsemmes said...

I went to this movie with my Daughter and her friend they are
12 years old and when the move was playing I was thinking of how much of it part of my marriage was. Not that Mine is bad but over the past 28 year we have had a lot of growing pains. If we could have had a tool like the movie and the book maybe the hardships we encounter would not be as hard. When leaving the movie
To my amazement. My daughter and her friend said it was the best movie they had every seen and could we ask their Sunday School teacher to bring the class next weekend. The friend asked could I buy her the book . I told her I would for a wedding gift. She ask me to please buy it now.
I asked her if she looking to train
Her husband

mamawood74 said...

I knew that any movie by Sherwood Productions would be good but this was awe-inspiring. In this day and age of divorce, every couple should see this movie. Maybe they would rethink divorce. The music, especially Slow Fade, was so appropriate for the things going on behind closed doors today. GREAT JOB! It is so refreshing to be able to see a movie that has real worth. I can't wait to see what Sherwood has next. Being from Georgia it is so exciting to see what's happening in Albany and other places around the world.