Thursday, October 30, 2008

FIREPROOF Still Going Strong!

As FIREPROOF prepares for its sixth weekend in theaters, more than 100 theaters will be adding it to their offerings. In all, 887 theaters across the country will be showing FIREPROOF. An interesting aside: through today, the end of the fifth week, the movie is still playing in 80 percent of the theaters where it opened on September 26! That is due to loyal fans like you ... thanks!

Let us know if you live in one of these new towns and what day you will be seeing FIREPROOF!

Clarksville, Ark. (Clarksville Cinema)
Mountain Home, Ark. (Sun Valley Cinema 6)
Brentwood, Cal. (Delta Cinemas)
Grass Valley, Cal. (Sierra 4)
Jackson, Cal. (Jackson Cinemas)
Laguna Niguel, Cal. (Rancho Niguel 8 Cinemas)
Lodi, Cal. (Stadium 12)
Oroville, Cal. (Feather River Cinemas 6)
Red Bluff, Cal. (Riverside Plaza)
Santa Rosa, Cal. (The Roxy Stadium 14 Cinemas)
Steamboat Springs, Colo. (Wildhorse Stadium 6)
Apopka, Fla. (Wekiva Riverwalk 8)
Inverness, Fla. (Citrus Cinemas 6)
Lake City, Fla. (Cinema 90 #6)
Port Orange, Fla. (Port Orange 6)
Tampa, Fla. (University 16)
The Villages, Fla. (Old Mill Playhouse 8)
Cartersville, Ga. (Carmike 12)
Bloomington, Ill. (Palace Cinemas)
Clinton, Ill. (Clintonia Eagle Theatre)
Freeport, Ill. (Lindo Theatre)
Hillsboro, Ill. (Orpheum Theater)
Jacksonville, Ill. (Illinois Theatre 2)
Morton, Ill. (Morton Cinema)
Mt. Vernon, Ill. (Showplace 8)
Robinson, Ill. (Eagle 5)
St. Charles, Ill. (Charlestown 18)
Goshen, Ind. (Linway Plaza 6)
Greendale, Ind. (Greendale Cinema 10)
Jasper, Ind. (Jasper Cinema 8)
Plymouth, Ind. (Showland Cinema 3)
Seymour, Ind. (Great Escape 8)
Carroll, Iowa (Carroll Theatres)
Orange City, Iowa (Holland Plaza)
Spencer, Iowa (Southpark 7)
Colby, Kan. (Colby Cinema & Arcade)
Pikeville, Ky. (Riverfill 10)
Shelbyville, Ky. (Great Escape 8)
Natchitoches, La. (The Parkway Cinema)
Grand Haven, Mich. (Grand Haven 9)
Kalamazoo, Mich. (Gull Road Cinema)
Monroe, Mich. (Frenchtown Square Mall 8)
Mt. Pleasant, Mich. (Celebration Cinema 11)
Oxford, Mich. (Oxford 7)
Cambridge, Minn. (Cambridge Theatre)
Duluth, Minn. (Duluth 10 Theatre)
East Grand Forks, Minn. (River Cinema 12)
Grand Rapids, Minn. (Mann Cinema 8)
Hibbing, Minn. (Mann's Hibbing Cinema 8)
Owatonna, Minn. (Northwood Cinema 10)
Laurel, Miss. (Sawmill Square 5)
Creve Coeur, Mo. (West Olive 16)
Fulton, Mo. (Fulton Cinema 8)
Kirksville, Mo. (Downtown Cinema 8)
West Plains, Mo. (Glass Sword 3 Cinemas)
Bozeman, Mont. (Gallatin Valley Cinema)
Albemarle, N.C. (Eastgate 5)
Laurinburg, N.C. (Laurinburg Twin)
Southport, N.C. (Surf Cinemas 4)
Fremont, Neb. (Cinema III Theatres)
Seward, Neb. (Rivoli)
Hooksett, N.H. (Cinemagic & Imax 15)
Geneva, N.Y. (Movies 8)
Hudson, N.Y. (Fairview Cinema 3)
Monroe, N.Y. (Monroe Cinema 6)
Rome, N.Y. (Rome Cinemas)
Athens, Ohio (Athena Grand 11)
Cincinnati, Ohio (Showcase Cinemas Western Hills 14)
Findlay, Ohio (Carmike 12)
Gallipolis, Ohio (Spring Valley Cinema 7)
Hamilton, Ohio (Showplace 8)
Jackson, Ohio (Tri City)
Nelsonville, Ohio (Movies 10)
Wheelersburg, Ohio (Wheelersburg Cinema 6)
Grove, Okla. (Cinema 4)
Pauls Valley, Okla. (Royal 1 & 2 Theatres)
Sand Springs, Okla. (Cinema 8—Sand Springs)
Grants Pass, Ore. (Movies Six)
Hermiston, Ore. (Hermiston Cinema 8)
Klamath Falls, Ore. (Pelican Cinemas)
Altoona, Pa. (Carmike 8)
Delmont, Pa. (Wynnsong 12)
Greensburg, Pa. (Carmike 15)
Scranton, Pa. (Endless Mountain Theatre)
James Island, S.C. (Carmike James Island 8)
Elizabethton, Tenn. (Bonnie Kate Theatre)
Savannah, Tenn. (Southgate 3)
Big Spring, Tex. (Cinema 4)
Brenham, Tex. (Westwood 3)
Center, Tex. (Rio)
New Braunfels, Tex. (The Marketplace 12)
Stephenville, Tex. (Cinema 6—Stephenville)
Uvalde, Tex. (Forum 4)
Colonial Heights, Va. (Southpark Mall Stadium 16)
Culpeper, Va. (Culpeper Movies 4)
Galax, Va. (Twin County Cinema 3)
Norton, Va. (Cinema City Stadium 9)
Rocky Mount, Va. (Eagle Rock 5)
Martinsburg, W. Va. (Martinsburg Cinema 10)
Morgantown, W. Va. (Morgantown Mall 12)
Summersville, W. Va. (Merchants Walk 4)
Othello, Wash. (Showhouse Theatre)
Tukwila, Wash. (Parkway Plaza 12)
Yelm, Wash. ( Yelm Cinemas at Prairie Park)
Burlington, Wisc. (Plaza Theater—Burlington)
Lake Delton, Wisc. (Desert Star Cinema)
Monroe, Wisc. (Goetz 2)
Sturgeon Bay, Wisc. (Sturgeon Bay Cinema 6)
Viroqua, Wisc. (Vernon Cinema)


TJ said...

After having seen this movie 3 times, I wanted to write and THANK YOU, for making a movie on marriage and not another one on sports. I loved Facing the Giants, that one I could watch a million times, but hollywood comes out with so many sports movies, it's unbelievable. Enough already!!!! Everytime I see a PG listing I get excited, then you click on it and it's another sports one, can't they come up with a clean PG movie with depth to it??
Thank you so much for doing so, we loved this movie and now can't wait for it to come out on DVD!!

Christina said...

I'm trying to get my husband and I to go next Wed Nov 5 to the theater in St. Charles IL. Hopefully my plan will work out, as I really think we need to see this movie.

Sisterlisa said...

Dear Fireproof Directors, cast , crew, and the Church,
Fireproof FINALLY came to our town just this last weekend. We got to see it last night. WOW! Excellent performance by Kirk Cameron! The story line was great! Very realistic in regards to relationship.

The fire scenes were full of action and emotion. The train track scene was phenomenal. Thumbs up for that teen girl driver! Great job! I will be writing my review shortly at

Thank you all so much! Miss Erin, it was nice to see you in action after interviewing you. :O)

Trey Albin said...

...And we thought "Flywheel" and "Facing the Giants" were great Kendrick Brothers movies! My wife and I saw "Fireproof" today as part of our "Date Day" and were wowed! We were completely captivated by the story, the score, the acting, and the impact of the truths from this movie. We couldn't even move from our seats until the last credit had rolled. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY!" We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of volunteers who were led to give so much of themselves to the filming. I am excited to incorporate the film into our Men's Fraternity efforts at church. God bless you Sherwood Pictures, Alex and Stephen, and Kirk Cameron for a job well done.

Jami said...

My husband and I just went to the movie yesterday on a date. We LOVED it! We've been married for 8years and have 3 kids and are so thankful for movie like this! What a message!

We both mentioned how we enjoyed this date more than any we've had in a long time!

I've been hearing all about the movie on Family Life and other radio shows and am so glad to finally be able to see it.

God bless you and keep em' coming! :)

Miss Linda said...

I just wanted to express my appreciation for placing the HTML code to add the trailer to personal blogs. I have scheduled an entry about this movie on my own blog after seeing this on another blog I follow. The movie was wonderful, and I might not have known about it had it not been for an entry on another blog.

Amber said...

I live in Colby KS where Fireproof just came out. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much, knowing it was a lot of volunteers and low-budget film. But I was impressed!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!! My husband was impressed and loved it as well, and he is hard to impress, believe me. :-) THANK YOU SO MUCH for a clean, decent, awesome movie that I could walk away from feeling GOOD about what I saw!!

PS--The crowd at this movie was the largest I had ever seen at our movie theater.

Mississippi Family said...

I first want to thank you for a wonderful movie. It was GREAT! My husband and I saw it this past Saturday night in Brookhaven, MS (not on your list) at Westbrook Cinema 4.

Tiffany said...

YAY! Thank you for bringing it to Grass Valley, CA! Having seen it 4 times (and wanting to see it one last time) I can say that every time I go see it, I am never bored. I could watch this movie again and again! Awesome job, guys! Praise God!

Sarah said...

I saw Fireproof in Memphis, TN for the first time, but just this week took my Bible study of medical students to see it in Kirksville, MO. THANK YOU for getting here! Divorce is a HUGE issue in the medical field, and I am so encouraged that so many students have been able to see it because it is close. THANK YOU!!

Cindy said...

Today in Sunday School our leader mentioned that he had seen this movie and how much he had enjoyed it. No one else in the class had even heard of it. Next thing you know someone calls the theater and at 4:00 today 7 couples from our church are there ready to watch the movie.

At the conclusion of the movie, we were all very touched and rejuvienated. Plans were being made to spread the word around church and come see it again. I have never heard a movie theater so quiet the entire time!

As parents of 4 teenagers, my husband and I agree that we want all of our children to watch this movie (more than once) before they decide to enter into marriage.

Thank YOU for creating such a wonderful tool that focuses on our Faith in our marriage. There are no words to express my gratitiude...