Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Theaters for FIREPROOF

As Friday dawns, FIREPROOF will playing in 21 new theaters. Here are the towns where those theaters are located.
Allentown, Pa.
Franklin, Ohio
Kansas City, Mo.
Springfield, Mo.
Lithonia, Ga.
Carrollton, Ga.
Griffin, Ga.
Fort Benning, Ga.
Thomaston, Ga.
Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
Anderson, S.C.
Aiken, S.C.
Miami Lakes, Fla.
Orlando, Fla.
Winterhaven, Fla.
Baton Rouge, La.
Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.
Westminster, Calif.
Laguna Niguel, Calif.
Flagstaff, Az.
Burlington, Wash.

Then, come October 10, another seven theaters will add it before we have a major expansion to 300 theaters on October 17. Here are the towns for next Friday:
Fairmont, W.V.
Thomasville, Ala.
Asheboro, N.C.
Salt Lake City, Utah
South Jordan, Utah
West Jordan, Utah
Sandy, Utah

Do you live in or near one of these cities? What are you plans for seeing FIREPROOF?


vk said...

Thank you for letting God use you to give us this movie.

The truths in this movie are so extremely important and are communicated in such a powerful way...

I have ordered the church kit through outreach and will be doing a sermon series based on the movie.
Additionally, a local psychotherapist and I will be leading a seminar for people who want to dive in deeper.

I should be recieving the Love Dare soon. After I view it, I'm planning on challenging all the married couples in our church to do it with me.


Vincent Klug
Vintage-Faith Community Church

Gigi said...

My hubby of 34 years & I saw "FIREPROOF" last night in Kerrville, TX (just NW of San Antonio, TX). AWESOME! Tears were running all over the audience, sniffles heard all around. The "man cough" as others tried to surpress. You came away knowing that there are areas that you have left your spouse behind in, areas to work on. To honor, love and respect God - then our spouse. First thing we wanted to find out was if they had made the "Love Dare" book...and they have! We cannot wait to get this book. It has been a tough couple of years for us, it's time for a refreshing. Many thanks and blessings to all those involved in bringing this beautiful and timely movie to us. Curtis & Cindi

Anita said...

When a rated R blockbuster comes in no. 1 at the box office, the movie industry knows, to the dollar, how many people went to see it. If it does well, we get more of the same. What they don't know is how many followers of Christ didn't go see that rated R movie.

We, need to care about not having society hand us the standard for our lives in what we see on screen. We'll gladly watch a movie with two people who live together (today's norm) than a movie about what God intends in marriage.

You and I, Christian, have a voice at the box office and we should exercise it by supporting movies like Fireproof, so the movie industry can see how many of us did spend their dollars on watching it. Then they'll get the message about what we want to see.

My parents went with me and their marriage is no where near in trouble. My mom would probably tell you she hoped the movie had some impact on my dad, as far as seeing marriage in a Christian light or seeing how Christ can
work in people's lives but the most he got out of it was the idea to put a firefighter's pole from their bedroom leading to the kitchen below so my mom could get to cooking breakfast faster! But that's ok. He bought a ticket
and was exposed to the Word of God, in the movie, and we all got a good laugh from his idea.

Now it's time for us to laugh and rejoice at a movie about truth that got the attention of the movie industry.

Be heard! Perhaps you have a great marriage or you're not married at all. That doesn't disqualify you from supporting a good Christian movie, like this one and exercising your voice in support of movies that edify.

This was a moving and real movie. Let's be heard and give God the glory! Thanks for making this film.



Leslie and Al said...

Your movie shared what many couples live with in silence daily. The tears shed will change lives. The hope given in unmeasurable. A few times the urge to shout amen was on the tip of our tongues.
Thank you for standing up to Hollywoods trash and producing a movie to honor marriage.
To God be the Glory
Al and Leslie

Lori Weaver said...

First of all, just a little profile of myself... I am a 50 year old mother of 3 children, in and graduated IU. I was a Methodist Christian since 11 years old until born again 23 years later and member of River Oaks Evangelical Church for 16 years. I have never written a letter to any celebrity, ever, in my life! Never wanted to...until now.

My husband and I just saw FIREFROOF and cannot go another minute without letting Mr. Cameron know this movie is, absolutely, the best love story I have ever seen! I just want to let him know that I have been a big fan of his since Growing Pains and continued even more so because of how he has used his gifts. God Bless him for not giving into "Hollywood"! I am praying my sons and daughter see this movie before marriage.

I do not want Mr. Cameron to respond to this...he is far too busy serving and being a good husband and father...just wanted to let him know, somehow, that he is on my prayer list and want to thank him for who he is AND to keep up the good work. I just can't express my passion enough, in email, for what he does with his gift!

One last thing, I made an offer at church this am to all couples with children that I will babysit for them so they can see FIREPROOF. (did I mention our congregation is up to about 2000 and growing!)

God love you (and so do I) Kirk Cameron!

Lori Weaver

Elkhart, IN

P.S. The fact that he is an awesome actor (although those emotions in the movie looked darn genuine) and that he has always been absolutely adorable made the movie even more enjoyable! Sorry, just couldn't get through this letter without that confession!

Chief501 said...

As a 31 year fire service veteran, I can assure you the stress and strains of this job will attack the strongest of marriages.
This movie is so 'right on'. I was privileged to see a pre-release screening with several other fire chiefs from around the country in August.
My own 29 year marriage to my lovely wife Penni has survived by Christ being the center of our relationship and our daily commitment and decision to make it work.
I've encouraged my entire fire department to see the movie this weekend.

Kevin Ward
Layton, Utah

david binkley said...

Thank God it made it to slc. Pastors got together and approched the theater owners and said "hey this town needs this!" My wife&I have been separated for awhile and we have been praying for God to heal us. This movie is pro-active in inspiring mates to bond in Christ.

voe said...

I really hope it comes to Gallup, NM soon!

DeniseA said...

My husband and I went with another couple to see Fireproof last night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The theater was packed - our waitress, at dinner immediately before, said she had heard great things about the movie. Interest seems to be spreading like wildfire in our city! Thanks for making such a great, inspiring movie.